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sternalot wrote:What is this? A burr set for ants?
This is pretty much the same burr size as the Baratza Sette. Can you name a single 64mm flat burr grinder that's close to the speed of the Sette let alone beats it?


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Bob_McBob wrote:They say they've been developing it from the ground up since 2014, but the Etzinger grinder it's clearly based on didn't even exist back then. Even the Sette came out a couple years later.
9 years to develop an on-demand grinder that's not even GbW? This is sad if true.


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Original teaser said they are rolling out a line of grinders, so hoping there are better (gbw) options coming. However with their current 15% off promo when paired with a Mini/Micra I wouldn't have turned down a free grinder with my machine.


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mgrayson wrote:Burr inflation reminds me of the gigantic G-force Watch craze in the '90's. A guy where I worked taped an HP calculator to his wrist as commentary.

Why do we assume that larger burrs are better? Certainly works for marketing. But I've never seen a compelling (or any other) argument. Disclaimer: I have a Kafatek Flat.
Was an HP12c? If so, that man knows style.

You raise a very interesting question though! There are no clear studies here, but my intuition says that larger burr size --> larger cutting area --> increased ability to modulate distribution size. While less meaningful for home use, speed and heat dissipation are also potential benefits of larger burrs.

Looking at the competition at this price point and admittedly operating under some level of speculation, I am not sure why someone would go this route rather than a Eureka. Of course if you are on the fence about buying a LMLu or LMLM and new to espresso, I am sure the bundle just made the decision more palatable.

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Particle distribution.

Not sure how the translation will work, or if it's even available yet, but Kaffeemacher said it's a classic shot and they were actually surprised that it tasted as good as it did considering the particle distribution.

According to KM a wide particle distribution, such as the graph on the Pico, usually results in a more "sour" cup, however, that wasn't the case here. They seem to attribute it to the higher fines percentage.

Just for me, but particle distribution and burr size is an easily quantifiable thing, however, what tastes best for somebody will vary a lot.

When it comes to design I say Mazzer is king for me.


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boren wrote:This is pretty much the same burr size as the Baratza Sette. Can you name a single 64mm flat burr grinder that's close to the speed of the Sette let alone beats it?
I can't tell if this is sarcasm.

(1) I would never judge a home grinder on speed alone.
(2) I can think of at least five on-demand grinders at this price point with burrs in that size range made by extremely reputable manufacturers.


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Ypuh wrote:Looks like an Etzinger-designed grinder.

Assuming it's identical to the Etzmax Light T(imed) model in a La Marzocco styled jacket, the price of €1.175 seems very reasonable to me. The GBW feature (which adds $/€700 over the Timed model) completes it, but the overall grinder is designed really well.
Almost €1200 for 39mm well priced? You can usually find 63mm for below that price, even the Niche Zero is substantial cheaper then that.

It's not really well priced at all! It's overpriced and massively so... but being LM that was kinda expected.

The only case where smaller burrs beat or equal bigger burrs is generally because we are comparing high end expensive burrs with run of the mill cheap as it comes Italmil or Mazzer burrs. But there limitation on what can be achieved on small surface. I'm sure it will be fine enough but for €1200 that seem rather expensive for just that.

Grind speed however is irrelevant

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It seems that there is a promo when paired with the purchase of a Micra that takes nearly US$750 off the package. At effectively $250-300 is is reasonably priced for a hopper-fed, time-based, stepped, conical grinder with an unproven burr set. A Sette 270 is US$400. I won't say "tiny conical burr set" as there are some excellent ones now such as some in the 1Zpresso line.


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Yes 200-300 is reasonable it just goes to show how overpriced this thing really is... some profit margin they are running with.


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From a company that has a such an incredibly strong brand association with visual flair, that's not what I would've pictured as their grinder to pair with the Mini/Micra. It's like the switchgear from a gaggia classic pro slapped on the front of a blocky Sette. Beauty is subjective, and maybe it looks stunning in person.

But hey, if it makes good coffee it makes good coffee :D