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Swiss have seen it.

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Is that an etzinger bird on the dial? Or is that a picture of two cherries?

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Jaroslav (original poster)
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It's a sign (fine/coarse granules) for grind setting range.

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sternalot wrote:What is this? A burr set for ants?
Burr inflation reminds me of the gigantic G-force Watch craze in the '90's. A guy where I worked taped an HP calculator to his wrist as commentary.

Why do we assume that larger burrs are better? Certainly works for marketing. But I've never seen a compelling (or any other) argument. Disclaimer: I have a Kafatek Flat.


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No co-development with Etzinger, says LM Germany.

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#16: Post by bostonbuzz »

Video says it's the etzinger with LM styling. I love the styling and the red screen. I could see getting this for medium+ coffees.
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#17: Post by Bob_McBob »

They say they've been developing it from the ground up since 2014, but the Etzinger grinder it's clearly based on didn't even exist back then. Even the Sette came out a couple years later.

In any case, the pricing isn't unreasonable compared to an Etzinger, and the retro styling is kind of neat. Looks kind of like an old Kenmore mixer from some angles.

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Team HB

#18: Post by another_jim »

It's on sale now for $995.

The specs are not commensurate with the price: 38mm conical, timed on demand grinding, single dosing not an option, but quiet and fast. However, it is an in house LM product; so it may be better in person than in spec.
Jim Schulman

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#19: Post by StoicDude »

According to Kaffeemacher, it's a LaMarzocco design and burrs. Nothing to do with Etzinger.

I'm not a big fan of the design myself, but LaMarzocco tends to get things right and they look great for years and don't really go out of style.

I'm still watching the video and will report back if I hear anything interesting.

I personally go with the taste in cup more so than how big the burrs are, but that is very subjective from person to person from my experience.

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#20: Post by ira »

You can hear it at 29:30 in the video. Seems not as loud as a Sette and not nearly as fast. I was told a while back it was in house and not affiliated with Etzinger in any way shape or form. It does seem overpriced and aesthetically awkward, surprising for something that's in theory, designed to sit next to a Mini or Micra and which I would think, ought to look as if it belonged there. Unless it turns out to be an astonishingly good $1000 grinder at which point it would seem to matter less. There have been many ugly grinders that make it when the price/performance ratio is right.