La Frankenbali (La Cimbali Max w/ SSP MPs)

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I am still trying to dial her in, which is a slow process given my once-a-day-ish cup and my lack of experience in general. I took a few pictures of the process of cleaning up the grinder and the mods I have done.

Here she is right after I got her. The hopper was cracked in several places and the doser was missing pieces. She seemed to be well used.

It looked like the previous owner installed a throat mod, likely inspired by intrepid owners and past HB posts.

The SSP Multipurpose burrs have a very similar geometry to the stock Cimbali flat burrs.

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The SSPs lined up on the carriers without any problems. Aligned and shimmed with aluminum foil.

Money shot with lower burrs in place.

Doser switch is easily bypassed using the included bus bar.

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Here she is, mostly reassembled and tested for functionality.

3d printed panels, funnel, bellows / cup, and new feet to add more tilt and prevent her from walking across the counter. The chute was fashioned out of thin plastic cutting board from the dollar store.


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Nice refurb


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Nice work. I have a MAX.

I do not think it is a good single doser. When I used to single dose without the hopper, I get inconsistencies in my shots. Sometimes I get a gusher. When I go finer, the grinder might clog and no coffee is ground--it does not stall, just no coffee out. When I put the hopper back, shots are consistent, and I can go finer without issues. Using the hopper with half bound of coffee is not a good idea, so I am not using the hopper now. I use ... _p_57.html. I fill the single dose hopper with 1.5 shot worth of coffee and put the weight on top; grind one shot worth of coffee, and top it back with coffee. That works fine almost like the hopper is on.

I could not buy the flat burr. I found only one retailer in Germany. I put my order, but received my money back in a couple of days along with an email saying they do not ship to USA. I was going to buy SSP MP to install them in the cimbali. I have SSP HU that I tried installing them to try them first, but they wont sit inside the burr carrier. The original burr sits perfectly and well aligned, but it is worn. I replaced it with another La Cimbali burr, I think it is for the Junior. It works fine, but I am still looking for brand new original burr, or the ability to install SSP MP.

Can you please share more pics of the 3d funnel? How does it sit inside the hopper throat? Do you still get popcorning?


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Interesting. I tried putting Mazzer burrs in my Cimbali Max, but they're a little bit larger and wouldn't fit. It seems there might be several different versions of the DRM/Cimbali burrs (I mean one is even 68mm).

I was able to put the Cimbali burrs that look like yours in the Mazzer Mini E instead. It's not a perfect fit, but with a little care it seems to work. They're quite good for pour over, I tend to get more sweetness and texture in the brews compared to SSP brew burrs. Not as much clarity, but for some beans I prefer those Cimbali burrs.

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MemPast wrote:Nice work. I have a MAX.
Can you please share more pics of the 3d funnel? How does it sit inside the hopper throat? Do you still get popcorning?

I am still experimenting. I suspect the RPMs are very high compared to other conicals, which leads to the beans wanting to bounce rather than break. This is my current effort, with a constriction slightly larger than the locking nut. It feeds in roughly a cm higher than the burr and curves down to just outside the gap. I had another iteration with the central cone in the funnel, but it allowed more popcorning up the sides, where the beans would bounce in the gap. I am considering a plunger approach but it is hard to integrate that with the bellows-style workflow.

I can still hear remnants rattling around in the grind chamber. I pulse the power switch, as Dave has mentioned, to try to grab those last bits.

Freddy Camacho

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Nice work.
Just to clarify it is the 64mm SSP is the mazzer mini E /super jolly burr?

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The SSPs are the 64mm Multipurpose (Unimodal) Red Speed burrs. I ordered them from MiiCoffee: ... eed-coated

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Sweet. Got it.
Been wondering and trying to find a replacement flats for quite a while.

Cheers bruce