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cannonfodder wrote:I took the finger guard inside the hopper off, turned it over, cut the tabs off and trimmed it down to length and put it in the throat. Been running it like that for a year or so.
Hi Dave,

I am having a hard time picturing exactly what you did.
Can you post a photo at some point or elaborate?


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There is a thread around here somewhere showing it. I will have to search for it and post a link.


Found it

Reviving an Abused Cimbali Max
Dave Stephens


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Excellent! I can totally see doing that. I wonder if I can get my nose down in there? :wink:

Thanks Dave! :)
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"It takes many victims to make a culinary masterpiece"


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I've had my Cimbali Junior for a week now and made the Throat Extension for it. But had to grind the outside of the adapter to fit inside of the adjustment ring, also had to cut it's length to 1 1/2" so the hopper throat fits just above the pipe adapter because with it inside it would hang up a little. Also after removing the finger guard I placed some scotch tape over the slots inside of the hopper then got some food grade silicon caulking to fill in the slots from bottom side of the hopper. After zeroing it in which was half way between 0 and 1, I got it backed up to 4 1/2 on the dial and starting to run some beans through to season the burrs. At this setting it takes about 35 seconds to pull a shot which could be me tamping to hard or the grind still a little to fine. Up until now, I've had the shop were I get my coffee at grind it there. But now with my own machine and able to fine turn the grind, it's amazing on how the coffee turns out. Right now I'm using Lavazza Super Crema and now the Crema I'm getting is twice the amount, compared to when I would get the coffee ground at the store.