La Cimbali Junior grinder disassembly and cleaning

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Hi everyone, I picked up a la cimbali jr grinder from defunct cafe for approx. $125US. This is my first 'good' grinder. I will be upgrading my espresso machine down the later when deals pop up.

I have been following this guide by cannonfodder (Reviving an Abused Cimbali Max) to disassemble my Jr with some success.

Anyhoo, I am having trouble disassembling the doser hopper circled in red.

What I have done so far:
-remove the stainless steel shell
-removed the black plastic shroud underneath the doser hopper (exposing the internals like in the last picture)
-removed the dialing assembly inside the doser hopper just be twisting counter clockwise
-removed the 4 small screws that hold the rubber trim in place on the outside of the hopper (for some reason I can't pull off the trim despite the screws removed, are they glued into place?)
-removed the silver screw that is at the top of the machine

Now I am stuck. Which screws am I suppose to remove under the doser hopper so that I can free it for cleaning?

Any help much appreciated

thank you kindly

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Team HB

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If you remove the small screw that you see when looking down at the burrs, that will let you pull the top trim piece off the top of the doser. There are very small screws on the black trim up the sides and around the bottom of the tinted plastic doser cover. You take them out, then you can pry out the trim. Then, if I remember correctly, you can pull the plastic doser window off and clean it. It is a major pain. It is much easier to just wipe it with a light detergent solution to clean it off and move on to use.
Dave Stephens

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barqy (original poster)

#3: Post by barqy (original poster) » replying to cannonfodder »

thank you for clarifying!! It was VERY difficult/awkward to remove the top trim piece (due to build up/tight fitting?), but I got it with some prying.

I have another question now....

How do i remove the doser arm? It's too big to slide through the slit on the side. There are 2 thick pieces of black plastic that protrude down from the doser arm (circled in red) which don't allow it slide through.

Does the doser arm come apart in 2 pieces?

Thank you!

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Team HB

#4: Post by cannonfodder »

The rubber handle on the doser lever just pulls off leaving you with a flat piece of metal. I did not take the doser lever off. No reason to. I took out the dosing vanes and cleaned, had no need to tear it down any further.
Dave Stephens

barqy (original poster)

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managed to put everything back together successfully.

I have a question about zeroing/calibrating the burrs.

With the machine on, i carefully turned the top burr down towards the bottom till a slight chirping noise is heard. According to the video I watched that is suppose to be the zero ptn (hearing the chirp and the backing off very slightly).
2.20 in

This may sound silly, but I find that I need to get pretty close to the zero point in order to get a grind fine enough for espresso. If the zero point is at zero (burrs chirping), I'm at about a 1 or 0.9 for espresso. Does this seem normal?

I doubled checked the burrs and they're laying flat against the brass carriers (for both bottom and top)

The reason I'm asking is I read on the forum the Jr can do turkish grind, but I am not too confident at this point.

Could it be the burrs need replacement? I noticed some nicks on them.