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James Hoffmann reviews the Kruve.

tl;dw: not worth the time and effort for, ah, coffee. Instead, spend the money on a better grinder. However, if you want to explore and experiment with coffee, the Kruve is a bargain relative to the usual sieves.
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yakster wrote:Still waiting on mine to show up, but I got an email that the first production run of the Barisata (8 sieve) kit is missing the 300 micron sieve, but once available it'll be mailed out in a few weeks. I won't have a problem limping along with just 7 of the 8 sieves until then. :lol:
Update, I did receive my Barista kit and then did recently receive my 300 micron sieve. I tried these out but I'm not finding myself using this sieves, but then again I'm using my Brazen brewer to brew 500 ml batches of coffee at a specific temperature rather than taking the time to brew the same size pot in my Kalita Wave.

I still want to try this with cold brew.

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