Knock Feld 2023

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With a Vim

#1: Post by With a Vim »

Has anyone taken delivery on a Knock 2023 Feld grinder. It looks great for home espresso, and Moka pot. Both of which I use daily. I currently am using a Porlex mini tall ii. Will this be a major upgrade? I am thinking grinder first, brewing next.


#2: Post by kjarsheim »

I upgraded to a Knock Aergrind from a Hario ceramic hand grinder some years ago and I can assure you that any reputable steel burr grinder is like night and day in terms of speed, grind quality and general user satisfaction.
Very fond of my Aergrind and my Feld2 but the 1ZPresso J-Max is another level.
Got a bit lazy after I got the Niche Zero though, lol