Kinu thumbstop designs, dowel like stop new or old design?

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#1: Post by Ken5 »

Did Kinu change the design of their thumb stop?

What I have seen online is a plastic stop that runs downward along the top of the unit. I just saw a photo on a major suppliers Facebook page from a few months ago stating that they were in stock and to act quickly as they don't last long. The photo showed a stop that comes out like a dowel and seems to be about an 3/4 inch with a diameter maybe about a 1/4 inch.

This dowel like stop a new or old design?



#2: Post by Jeff »

You can see the early 2019 "look" on James Hoffman's video review to compare.

Also, "straight from the source" is ... Product=16


#3: Post by Ken5 »

Once again, thanks Jeff!

Both those links show the design I have been used to seeing. I am assuming that the dowel like stop is from before Hoffman's video. I was surprised to see the other stop from prima's Facebook page from June, and since the stock has been out at kinu's site I assumed that perhaps it has not been updated. :(



#4: Post by Partario »

The dowel-like stop you are talking about is only on the Kinu Traveler, which I don't think they make anymore. As far as I know, the M47 Classic and the M47 Simplicity have always had the thumb stop that can be seen on the Kinu product page that was linked. I bought an M47 Simplicity from Prima a few months ago and it has thumb stop that runs downward from the top as seen on the website.


#5: Post by Yan »

Yes the dwell stop only on Travel Edition, sometimes I change with the rubber band on travel is much easier to keep in the bag without the Thumb Stop.


#6: Post by Ken5 »

Thanks partario and yan, that makes sense now.