Kinu Phoenix vs Comandante C40 grinder

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So I bought a kinu phoenix hand grinder for making espresso but have decided I'd rather just make drip coffee to avoid the hassle of making espresso. I'm wondering if I should sell the kinu and get a comandante c40 grinder for making drip. I've heard kinu is ideal for espresso, but some ppl also interpret this as "kinu does espresso better than it does drip/pourover." I'm wondering if the commandante will be significantly better for drip to make it worth it over the kinu

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Hi Ryan,

Kinu does excel at espresso and Comandante excels at brewed coffee. You may want to buy the brew burrs for Kinu and see how you like it. Although the brew burrs take a long time to grind beans, it's definitely worth a try and that way you have an option of making espresso and brewed coffee.

Just a thought....

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Ok thanks, I've heard from some that the kinu brew burrs did reduce fines for brewing but didn't necessarily taste any different. Those people also seemed to enjoy kinu for drip anyway so maybe I'll get a drip machine and try it out


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Doesn't taste the same at all with the brew burr :) Much cleaner. I haven't tried the Comandante so I can't compare but some coffees I like more with the original burr and some others with the brew burr.

I'm not experienced enough to say for sure how the quality of the grind is with the brew burr and mine is still in the "breaking in" phase. What I do get in cup though is something sweet and tasty, balanced. The original burr kind of spreads out the flavor profile; more body, maybe even more sweetness, kind of muddier but the distinct fruit and berry notes are still there. Well, this has been my experience so far.

I initially got the Kinu exactly because I wanted to make mostly espresso but then later on got a pour over setup and have been using that a lot. Figured getting the alternative burr was a cheap and easy way to get the most out of my grinder. Haven't felt the urge upgrade (sidegrade?).

The grind speed with the brew burr for pour over is not bad but if used for espresso (which I do sometimes) it can be a bit too much. Does also make the cranking much easier though.


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I have both Kinu m47 and C40 - I strongly prefer the C40 for filter. However, M47 is easier to grind at fine settings and easier to fine tune the grind size. For those two reasons I prefer it to C40 for espresso!

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Do you prefer the taste of the c40 specifically or just getting the brew dialed in with it?


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I also have M47(+brew burr) and C40, if you preferred a filter brewing method especially pourover C40 it's better how significant it's depends on the user preferences some people like clarity and others like mouthfeel/body. I have a friend selling their C40 twice and use M47 for pourover cause they like the M47 taste profile rather than the C40, if you had a change it's better to compared side by side which one do you like, but if you still want to use espresso in the future, either keep the M47 or buy additional filter brew grinder such as C40 or 1zpresso.

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I do tend to like coffee to be sweeter and more rounded vs brighter so maybe the kinu would suit me


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You can buy the brew burr if you want more balance and better clarity.


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I prefer the taste of the c40 - there's a "muddy" quality that I get in filter cups with the M 47 that I can't quite get rid of. Maybe to someone else, the C40 would taste too bright or clean - but usually if I'm doing filter (instead of espresso) it's because I'm looking for cleaner/brighter flavors, so I stick with C40.