Kinu M47 Simplicity Burr Setting Below Zero

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Good afternoon everyone,

First post here, but I've been reading a lot already and I really enjoy the discussions. It really helped me recently on some of my purchases.

I recently obtained a Kinu M47 Simplicity about a month ago. It worked amazing at first. Recently, as I was switching between medium roast to light roast beans, I wanted to clean my burrs so not to affect the taste of the grind. I followed the instructions to disassemble the grinder, which was pretty easy. Reassembly was also simple but I noticed that I cannot "lock" the grinder at zero as I used to be able to. I can go to negative 4-5, literally as if it was inverted. Also, grinding is a pain now... It takes forever to get anything out, and it's like I'm grinding in butter.

Any ideas on what could of gone wrong?


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Have you tried disassembling and reassembling it again? I've taken my classic apart numerous times and never had the numbers drift.

Philthethrill (original poster)

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Yeah several times... I got it to work a few mins ago, but it's still at a negative 5 when fully closed. I think this may be due to the stepless design behind it (kinda what we see with the Eureka line) where the numbers don't mean much in themselves. I turned counterclockwise twice past the zero and I was back in espresso grind territory. I just grinded a light Rwandan roast at a "setting" of 0.8... whatever that means. The grinds were fine though. I'm still perplexed as to why I'm hitting the 5 when fully closed though...

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I only had my numbers drift after I knocked out the lower bearing support.
But I suppose you did not do that?


Philthethrill (original poster)

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Not sure I would know to be honest

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You would have known if it had come loose.
it is this rod with a bearing in it:



Philthethrill (original poster)

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Oh, no I don't think that came off. Thanks for showing.

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I have had the classic model for a half year or so, the newest version where the burrs do not actually touch when at zero. A few times when reassembling it the numbers did not stop at zero like it did prior, went down to about where you said yours goes. I am not sure what actually stops it at zero, but it does find its way there again. Few times I took it apart and put it back together, a few weeks ago when I cleaned it self corrected after turning the knob once. See if yours is back to zero, if not take it apart again and see if that helps.

As far as different grinding, different beans grind differently and since you stated you just switched beans I am guessing this is the reason. Beans of similar roasts can feel different. I hear light beans are denser than what you were using and they can be harder to hand grind. Harder, not impossible. I never used light beans myself, just from what I have read here.

Philthethrill (original poster)

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So I finally sent my unit back to Cafune for repair. According to their tech support, it wasn't normal that my absolute zero wasn't at zero. I just got it back today, and they repaired it. The absolute zero is now at zero.

Here is a copy-paste of their explanation on what went wrong:

"[...] rather, I think it was simply an oversight in finishing.

As mentioned, some units don't line up precisely at '0' on the dial when fully closed, as the adjustment mechanism itself relies on the threading of both the axle and the adjustment wheel lining up just so. In general, any deviation from lining up exactly at zero is limited to just one or two dash-marks, and my understanding is that this is typically offset by selecting a marker piece (the piece that holds the crank handle) with the setting indication line that best lines up with zero (the line is not at the exact same point on each of these pieces).

With your grinder, there was simply a mismatch between the fitting of the axle and adjustment wheel relative to the setting indication line on the marker piece, and we were able to resolve by swapping out the adjustment wheel and marker piece for ones that we knew to be accurately aligned.

You mentioned you had not adjusted all the way to zero upon initial receipt, and I believe this mismatch was always present but only discovered upon cleaning and re-assembly. There was no sign of any other issue or impairment."

So there it is. Problem solved!

Thanks also for the replies and input, I hope this explanation by the Cafune staff can shed some light on others who might experience the same issue.



#10: Post by Yan »

So people with non True 0 (Zero) M47 is it the grinder miss alignment?
It never drifting I clean many times but I never remove the outer burr.

My M47 Travel true 0 around -7(minus 7 microstep) at fully closed the adjustment step.

And this is 6+0+0 (6 full rotation) with the remaining thread...