Kinu M47 Simplicity Burr Setting Below Zero - Page 2

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Philthethrill (original poster)

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According to Cafune tech support, it would appear so.


#12: Post by Yan »

Do you sense any degradation or improvement in the cup between at the beginning, missalignment and after they fixing the problem?

It's interesting cause My M47 it's already missalignment from new...if the True 0 is the their baseline, same as my PO Burr it wasn't at 0 in fully closed adjustment.

Philthethrill (original poster)

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It's better, but not immensely. It was already doing a good job but it seems more consistent. The interesting thing now is that my "setting" for my light roast is at around 11.5. Zero being the absolute lowest (can't turn any lower). I say 11.5 as I count turning on zero a 2nd time as a "10" (if that makes any sense). Anything lower than "10" is way too fine - Turkish fine grind territory.


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Sorry I am a bit confused... you set at 11.5. (11 full rotation + Number 5 + 0 microstep or 1+1+5 ( 1 Full rotation + Number 1 + 5 microstep...

Philthethrill (original poster)

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The latter: 1 full rotation, + 1 + .5 micro adjustment.