Kinu M47 problem settings

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#1: Post by arqgabe »

i read a kind of this problem on the forum, about settings are messy, in this particular are too shorts the settings, i saw many kinu recipes of pour over aroun 4.0.0 to 4.5.0, i started in 4.0.0 and then came out rocks, coursers than french press, i used my kplus in 6.5 setting and try to find the same grinding with the kinu, and i found it at mark 1.8.0.... btw i have the pour over burr and with these and the original is the same... the difference between is the pour over make less dust powder between the others grind (1.8.0).

i dont have any espresso machine so i never used on that kind of range, just today for see how fine can make the grinding.... and i used 0.0.0 makes powder/dust, then 0.3.0 was like splenda , 0.5.0 like sugar.... i feel the step is too large between the numbers, and just for the 4 rotation i'm in the coursers size, if i use 5.0.0 or 6.0.0 it just cut the bean in a half.
really im too disappointed with this grinder. its looks great but the performance is another thing

i just have a mont with it, the first problem that i saw, was the zero point wasnt on the mark... it was on -2, i found the problem and i talk to kinu people, and for short ending, i erased the stripe mark and make a new one right on the zero... if you wanna see where was the printed error i can show you. is not a cheap grinder and has a lot of issues

now i will use the kplus or the comandante to mark the grind and then find step by step the similar, write it down for future reference


#2: Post by Yan »

Maybe it wasn't a real problem there are two screw pitch variant M47 you can check at 2018 Kinu M47 Settings different pitch screw size have different settings in espresso or pourover.


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The zero point seems to be different between all Kinus. Mine stops at 0 but that is not the burr-lock point. IMHO zero not being zero is only a problem if the grinder cannot go as fine as you need.

I highly doubt you'd use the setting close to zero so just start counting from 0, even if the setting dial would tighten a bit further than that.

As for the grind setting, my experience is contrary to yours. My espresso range is something like 1.2.0 to 1.6.0 with the original burr, and starting from 0.7.0 with the brew burr. Pour over range is something like 3.0.0 to 3.5.0 with original burr and around 2.8.0 (haven't used it that much yet to know the full range) with the brew burr.

I use the intermediate setting range, between the whole numbers, quite a lot for espresso. The grinder is basically stepless.

If the setting steps are way too wide, unless Kinu has changed the thread on the shaft, your grinder might have an issue? Which model / year is it? New? I have a 2019 classic, for reference.