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those ratios and grind setting are very close to what i'm currently doing except my total brew time is closer to 4:20! i'll try your timing and see how my flavors change

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I think brew time will also depend on the type of water you're using. I normally use filtered water with a ppm of around 150-170, which is kind of hard, but for me gives me the best results. As a last resort, I also use RO water. I haven't had much luck using bottled water however (ie, can't nail that sweet spot).

Playing around more with the R220 and the Wave. Sweet spot seems to be:

Grind: 6
30g Coffee, 480mL water
96C Kettle Temp
Bloom 60g for 30s and at 0:30, sink bloom with another 60g
At 0:45, pulse pour
Drawdown complete at around 3:10 - 3:30

Cup was very juicy and I gulped it down like a glass of juice.

I've also abandoned the use of a flow restrictor as the cups I was getting with it felt diluted. Not enough dwell time it seems.
- Tim

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IMO the Kalita Nice Cut and the Behmor Brazen is a match made in heaven. The cups I've been getting with this combo are phenomenal, and it's something I actually didn't expect at all. I actually prefer the KNC with the Brazen as opposed to the Lido 2 or Fuji Royal.


KNC: 3.5
Brazen: 600mL water, 36.5g coffee, 1:30 pre-infusion, 202F temp

Just dialed in 4 different coffees with the above settings and all cups were very very solid.
- Tim


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Really loving my Nice Cut about a month in.

Bought a steel tumbler on eBay for ease of use in comparison to the plastic one. However, the static can be annoying at times around the spout of the grinder and can get messy. Anyone have any remedies? I've recall reading about anti-static tape but I can't find the posts.


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Thanks to the help of Hankua, I obtained a Feima 610N and I agree that there is quite a bit of static. While it makes for a bit of a mess, it looks as if it is mostly chaff that clings. I'm still kind of in the break in phase of my Feima but will post pictures and thoughts in another ghost tooth burr thread. It's definitely a change from the Kr1203.

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Very interested on hearing your thoughts about the 610N compared to other grinders.
- Tim


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Trying to find some time to take some good pictures. In the cup seems good. My cheap sieve idea involving a mason jar and 250um mesh was a miserable failure so I may not be as rigorous as I had hoped.


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This is a very informative and technical video on grinder burr
Ghost burr is the cheapest to manufacture as they are cast not machined.

I have Feima 600N. Tiamo 700S with Italian machine burr in the way. Would soon compare their grind to EK43 and Fuji Royal too.


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Interested in the 600N first impressions. I wonder if the ghost burr set is interchangeable with the KNC?


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Fuji R-220 is better choice for home use(not consider espresoo), however is more expensive than others.
Although Ek-43 is best, it is design for commerce, and the price :(
The difference between 610N and 600N is 610N has ghost tooth, this ghost tooeh is simlar with Fuji R-220.

In my view Fuji R-220>610N>600N>Fly Eagle.
Lido may be better than 600N, but worse than Fuji R-220.