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#1: Post by chang00 »

Kalita recently released a new brew grinder on November, 2015.

The burrs are ceramic, shaped similar to the Nice Cut. It is advertised minimal static. After a few weeks of usage, I can say there is almost no need to spray water mist to reduce static. It is priced slightly higher than the Fuji Royal R220. Size wise, it is a suitable grinder for home use. Not many hobbyist can fit a Mahlkonig in the home kitchen. It may win the significant other's approval more easily.

The burr when new.

Side by side with the R220.

The outlet and metal catch. Notice the amount of residual grind.

After several weeks of usage. There is some retained grind.

With Clever Dripper. Minimal mud.

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#2: Post by Bob_McBob »

How is the grind quality compared to the R220 and Nice Cut? I'm never completely sure which grinder to recommend to friends in Japan, but I always got the impression the R220 with ghost teeth burrs was the one to get for everything other than espresso. Any thoughts?

This video has a brief visual grind quality comparison between the Nice Cut and Next G at the end.

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The grind "quality" is all good, just different. The Kalita Next G is the most subdued in terms of dry aroma and body, than R220. I find myself using finer grind on the Next G to obtain similar body to the R220. The Kalita Nice Cut is the most angular and acidic.

Daily usage wise, I'll take the Next G or R220. The Nice Cut is just a brute, quite loud like an airplane and shakes a bit, but for the grind quality, very reasonably priced.

These are all brew grinders and not suitable for espresso.

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#4: Post by SonVolt »

How would the grind quality compare to say a Baratza Vario or Forte?

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#5: Post by SlowRain »

I'm in a cafe now that is using the Next G as their brew grinder. He has a Nice Cut and an R220 (flat burrs) as well. He seems to think the Next G's flavor is "more rich", which I translate as "more complex". He likes it.

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#6: Post by rcurty »

Hi there, what are the burr dimensions for all 3 (Next G, Nice Cut and R220)?