Kaffeemacher.ch massive test of 24 espresso grinders - coming/in-progress

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Yes, it's in German, so you have to use Google translate of auto-generated sub-titles, but they've said they'll eventually get proper sub-titles done for the key videos. I'm posting because they had the use of a particle analyser from Zurich university, and we all love particle analyser graphs, even if they have no flavour :).

Here's the line-up; the first videos released will be of Group 2 (my notes in italics):
Comparison group espresso grinders 1: 760 - 2250 euros
CEADO E37S nero
ROCKET Fausto 2.1
BARATZA Forté (I don't know if this is AP or BG)

Comparison group espresso grinders 2: 640 - 750 euros
ECM S 64
MAZZER Mini Electric ON
EUREKA Mignon XL 65

Comparison group espresso grinders 3: 500 - 530 euros
QUAMAR M80 E Touch plus
EUREKA Mignon Magnifico 55
BARATZA Seette 270 Wi
ROCKET Faustino

Comparison group espresso grinders 4: 400 - 470 euros
EUREKA Specialità
LELIT PL72 (Lelit William)
G-IOTA Probarista coffee moles (a.k.a. DF64, etc.)

Comparison group of espresso grinders 5: 150 - 250 euros
SAY bcg820 BSS (Breville Smart Grinder Pro)
LELIT PL044MMT (Lelit Fred in a nicer case, no longer sold in USA/Canada AFAIK)
LELIT PL043MMI (Lelit Fred)
SAGE SCG600BTR (Breville Dose Control Pro)

Comparison group espresso grinders 6: 80 - 150 euros
ROMMELSBACHER coffee grinder EKM300
DELONGHI KG 521 M. (I think this is the only one in this group sold in USA/Canada)
TSCHIBO coffee grinder E with scale
- from https://www.kaffeemacher.ch/blog/espres ... n-zuhause/ and Google Tranlate. Eventually full results with data will be posted on their website.

Introduction and test protocol (No results):


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Hey! It's funny to find this here already :D
I live in switzerland and can help you out with the language or any other information if you need it. They already tested a lot of espresso machines and are very thorough in their testing. I just wish they would add more high end grinders to the list. But that might happen in the future.


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They definitely need the super heavy weight division for the fanatics!