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Hi! It took me a long time and much deliberation but I decided to commit to buying a Monolith Flat Burr. Unfortunately, when I came to this decision about a week ago, I went to the website all giddy and ready to make my purchase. Sadly, it's sold out. I check daily but it seems they aren't taking deposits currently.

Does anyone know how long it usually takes for Kafatek to be ready for more orders?



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Heh. It's literally referred to as a lottery on here. It's not literally a lottery but when they take orders their website is so slammed that it's a crapshoot as to whether you'll successful complete an order before they're already sold out.

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He doesn't maintain any inventory. You have to wait for the ordering window to open, which only occurs a few times per year. And then the grinders sell out quickly. You can sign up online to be notified when orders will be taken next.


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For what it's worth, I think the process and web hosting have been substantially improved in the last couple sales windows, making it potentially easier to secure an order if you're reasonably savvy about it.

The first time I tried ordering was at the last open sales period. I secured a grinder. It *can* be done.

Read through the discussions here and in the Kafatek forums after the Feb 2020 sales window and you should find some good tips. DON'T assume you'll have no problem. Don't break the web page by refreshing incessantly starting two minutes before the scheduled time. Don't assume that just because you have it in your cart, your spot is secured. It isn't, until you've paid.

I'd be sure to have all your necessary Kafatek login credentials well established, and be logged in. If you're using Shopify, be logged in for that.

As dsblv notes, be sure to sign up for the online notification.

Good luck!


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I agree the process has been improved. With a few preparations ahead of going live, you should be able to get one.

Sign up for for an email update to be notified of presale. Fortunately I believe there will be one coming up within the next month.

Use a mobile payment like Apple Pay.

Good luck


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A flat is for sale here on buy sell forum
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I am wondering, if they are so successful on selling their units, why don't they expand to produce more? It looks like demand > supply here.

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"They" = he. It's a one-man operation, and it's very possible, for all sorts of reasons, Denis prefers it that way.
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I think more to the point is ... why don't the tens of other grinder manufacturers create grinders that people want that much?

Then you don't mind doing what it takes to order a mono .. (he says as he is hearing a 'bad' noise in his 2-year old Sette)


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Not everything in life scales well. If you've ever tried to have an employee do something important EXACTLY the way it needs to be done you'd know this. The number of people Denis could have working for him would inherently be a small one. You need exacting people with high skill levels whom you probably can't pay a massive wage. Otherwise you do it all yourself and hopefully make a decent living by not counting the number of hours you work.

I can't say what margins are in his business but my guess is the parts manufacturing waste eats up a lot of dollars. For every complete grinder sold I would think there are 1.25 grinders worth of parts required.

I'm not sure if I'll end up with a Flat or Max as I don't drink light roasts but when I buy another grinder it will most likely be one of his. Then no more forever.