Kafatek New Announcement Coming Soon

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#1: Post by YseanY »

Kafatek just posted that there'll be a major announcement in less than 3 days. Included is a picture of a lathe... wonder what new product is being released!

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#2: Post by EvanOz85 replying to YseanY »

I'm betting a MAX with a pre-crusher burr.

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#3: Post by dragjp »

Thanks for sharing, probably the next batch of pre-order is coming soon as well? :wink:

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#4: Post by jbviau »

Nah--I'm betting a hand grinder. Everyone else has one, no?
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#5: Post by palica »

Horizontal grinder?

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#6: Post by Jake_G »

Roller mill.

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#7: Post by Giampiero »

Stone burr

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#8: Post by mborkow »

New grinder with a new burr. Nothing else would be major and deserve a 3 day tease

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#9: Post by NelisB »

Where did he post it?

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#10: Post by ducats replying to NelisB »

Kafatek's forum. Have to sign in to see but free to join.