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Thank you for posting this. I was debating between E37S and the Lucca Atom 75 as my next grinder to replace the Eureka Specialita.

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retireddude (original poster)

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That's a great debate to be having, you can't lose. They are both terrific.


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This is similar to my HG1 Prime that I've been primarily using. Easily better than the Niche in flavor since you mentioned that grinder as well. No comparison there but the biggest part about that I believe is the reduction in astringency and bitterness you mention on dark roast that the Niche always has (basically none on the Prime). Cups also tasted muddier on the Niche. Where it really excells, light roast, it completely destroys the Niche on light or light med roast. I've actually been using the Prime over my flats for light roast as it's so good. It makes light roast so cohesive and meshed, every note just there perfectly. Actually shocked how good it is on light roast even doing something like holding at 1 to 2 bar for 25+ seconds than slowly ramped (modded BDB)

I have a med dark Sumatra right now that's so good, but on the Df64 with cast burr is mechhhh, and the ital burr I never liked as it was so astringent and bitter on dark roast. Not sure why I still even have that grinder as I never use it lol.

In milk drinks the Prime burr set is just incredible. I make an ice coffee after the gym with some grub. It's crazy how good milk drinks are, so much richness and chocolate etc, but even lighter roast it'll punch through milk nicely. The Sumatra right now is so good in an iced milk drink.

I had an original HG1 way back but it's been so many years. But the Prime has given me huge appreciation for large good conicals (and that ones 83mm).


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Interesting review, thanks for posting!

It seems sometimes that there is only Kafatek and nothing else ... there is definitely a dedicated group of fanboys :lol: :lol:

Anyway, I am looking forward to my new Shurikones ... :wink:

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Yeah, the fanboy phenomenon can be annoying, not sure I understand the psychology behind it.

I'm guessing I have between 3-4 pounds of beans through the MC5 now, and have become convinced that seasoning is a real thing with this grinder. I'm traveling home soon and hope to post a comparison with the Niche, and possibly my Ceado E37S. Glad you enjoyed this early comparison.

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Thanks for the comparisons so far. I'm looking forward to the rest!