Kafatek Monolith Flat User Experience

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#1: Post by dumpshot »

So I got the KMF Numero Uno!

It was delivered this afternoon as I helped my in-laws move. That was torturous.

So I got home tonight, unboxed and pulled a couple of shots that I couldn't drink (I am a caffeine wuss at night). Denis sent a bag of Verve Streetlevel along with the grinder. But I had a bag open of Caffé Lusso Gran Carmo (great reviews on a great coffee, H-B team). So I am going to work through this bag first.

Everything about this grinder is exactly as described. It is just such a nice piece of machinery. The two things that struck me upon first impression were: it's size and weight, and how quiet it is. Both these things have already been described, but I guess I had to see it (and hear it) to believe it. I sort of got a sense of this from the videos Denis posted, but the removable funnel, the on/off button, the grind adjustment system - just luxe. Did I mention it was quiet?

I will be using my '81 Livietta for initial testing of the grinder. When I get locked in, I will pull some shots on the VAM Caravel. Looking forward to a fun weekend. I wish I could stay home all weekend with the blinds drawn and get to work.

The few shots I did pull looked superb in the bottomless. All of them looked better than the typical shots I normally pull with my Pharos. Not surprised. Of course, looks aren't as important as what's on the inside. So I am looking forward to getting to know her as a person and what is in her heart. Wait...what?

Anyway, more impressions tomorrow as I delve deeply. Below are a couple of photos.

LMWDP #484

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#2: Post by mivanitsky »

And I have number two!

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#3: Post by LDT »

Very nice. I really like the size of the "Flat". :D

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#4: Post by CoffeeBar »

They are all beautiful :D

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#5: Post by mivanitsky » replying to CoffeeBar »

Yes they are.

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#6: Post by CoffeeBar »

Hi mivanitsky, could not wait to see your user experience about the Flat Monolith, please keep us posted and Congratulation to you and dumpshot :D


#7: Post by idrinkjetfuel »

Fraternal twins, each with their own personality.

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#8: Post by dumpshot »

Yep, that is my "retention" this morning before my first dose. Measured 0.0, Mr. Blutarsky.

Really enjoying this grinder. Workflow is such a breeze that it is helping me drink more espresso than normal. That is a good problem to have.

I am finishing up a bag of Verve Streetlevel that Denis sent with the grinder. I have enjoyed this bean in the past, but could never consistently keep it in balance. With the KM Flat, all those sharp corners have been rounded, but not at the expense of the bright flavors. On my Livietta (aka Maximatic/Coffex), the 49mm basket is liking a smaller dose - 13.5 grams and pulled normale, or twice the dose in finished weight - 27-28 grams in about 28 seconds.

We live in a very dry climate and static is prevalent. Without RDT, there is some static, but it gets knocked off the removable funnel easily. With one half spritz from the supplied very nice glass bottle, it seems unnecessary to even remove the funnel. Of course, my OCD won't allow me to not take the funnel off every time to check.

I have been dosing into the LW Blind Shaker. Works great. I think I will adjust the forks and dose directly into the basket (with 49mm OE Ipanema funnel) and do a quick WDT. Will report back.

Having fun.

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#9: Post by HBchris »

I would also be curious i f you can get clean and even bottomless extractions without any WDT or blind shaker etc. Just horizontal tap to level and tamp.

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#10: Post by Bak Ta Lo » replying to HBchris »

On my Monolith Conical I have done just that, and my shots are better! I give the beans a spritz of water just to reduce static (but barely needed), grind to basket, tamp and pull. Excellent even with the VST basket.

Excited to see the if my Monolith Flat is the same once it arrives.

Love the matching red tops on the two Monolith Dumpshot, you really thought that out ahead!
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