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#181: Post by JordanK »

BaristaBoy E61 wrote:Is there a web gallery where one can see what all permutations and variations of colour and accessory combinations can be viewed before ordering an MC6 or any other Kafatek grinder?

We're asked to drop a whole lot of money without the option to change our minds and without seeing what the delivered product will look like.
I completely agree, but just sucked it up basically and purchased anyway. In general the info is pretty atrotious on the site given the price point (have you seen the user manual? Way out of date until quite recently, not sure it is completely current now). On the whole, pictures of the grinder from various angles are very limited, in any color configuration! But luckily I was able to find good pictures "around" of what I want: all black, top to bottom, so pretty simple and a fairly popular combo.

My sense is that workmanship, innovation, and quality in the cup are top priority, and marketing is at the bottom of the to-do list. In the end, while mildly frustrating, I'm A-OK with that ranking. Way better than the other way around!

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#182: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

JordanK wrote: all black, top to bottom, so pretty simple and a fairly popular combo.
Silver motor, blue grind ring to match blue machine.
Silver motor not really seen from prep, but when you walk in the room and see it from the back, it nicely accents the stainless prep table.

Probably should have gotten a blue on/off, but was too late before I realized it.

Most amused at the silicon dosing cup- I love that little add on. Of course the WDT tool is much improved from 6 years ago.

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#183: Post by Jshot »

BaristaBoy E61 wrote: Denis' site should be like Toyota or Lexus with a 'Build your grinder', displaying every change variation you select.

Easier to put the trigger when you can see what you're selecting.
I think that's the point at Kafatek. He doesn't want to make it easier to "pull the trigger".

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#184: Post by H2c4 »

Yeah if you don't look into the product, kafatek is whatever. But after doing research and actually learning about what you are purchasing makes the process that much more rewarding...like finding a hidden gem. Im glad kafatek puts their effort into the product rather than marketing.

Also...Do you guys think blind burrs will be coming out anytime?

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#185: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

Jshot wrote:I think that's the point at Kafatek. He doesn't want to make it easier to "pull the trigger".
You might be right but it's not a smart business plan. We all know we're going to have to wait a long time for delivery. A web site where we can see and identify with 'our' grinder because we can see it makes it easier for the purchaser to click 'Purchase deposit now'. What does that mean for Denis? He gets his deposits up front & sooner - nothing else!

What business can't use more cash flow? :mrgreen:
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#186: Post by spressomon »

Counter thought: If you're selling every widget you can make, per the current/near future business plan, why spend $$ for additional advertising/marketing/social media/website?! If the business hires someone/service to create & manage all things website(s), social media, marketing, etc., it either puts a drag on profits or increases prices.
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#187: Post by ira »

BaristaBoy E61 wrote:What business can't use more cash flow? :mrgreen:
I don't think you understand the goal of Kafatek. And as long as you assume it's run like a normal company you will continue to be puzzled by how it operates. It operates exactly like how Dennis wants. He doesn't care if you find it annoying. He just wants to make the worlds best coffee grinders, selling them allows him to continue that quest.

And for example, my company does not need more cash flow. It would mean selling more product, needing more space for inventory, needing another employee and increasing my commute from about 3 feet to many miles. It also means I need to work harder and I'm trying to work less, so you can't make assumptions about things you don't know anything about while having a good chance of being wrong.
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#188: Post by mikel »

Ira, can you make this a sticky for all the 'internet business experts' to see? :D

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#189: Post by mykm »

Yeah I feel like expecting the same "buying experience" online of Toyota, a company of 300k people from Kafatek, a company with probably enough employees that could fit in a small elevator and still have room for yoga is perhaps a bit much, but maybe a huge compliment to Kafatek.
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#190: Post by arcus »

IMO, the Kafatek website is really only needed for the actual ordering process. I just got my MC6 and didn't feel there was a lack of photos and info already available. From what I've seen, most boutique manufacturers don't even bother with a website these days and rely on social media. Denis also responds to inquiries as well.