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#51: Post by GurgenPB »

Also, I have the early 6-pre-breaker version of SSW, and there is now a 9-pre breaker version that grinds faster, not to mention the max2, which is a whole other beast.


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My ssw burrs seemed about the same or faster, but when I'm making 2 coffees over the morning grinding speed isn't that important 8)


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If you had a Niche and bought a Max, would you feel satisfied all bases were covered, or would you long for an MC5?


If you had a Niche and bought an MC5, would that replace the Niche and feel satisfied?

I guess I'm curious how many people own a Max and MC5 and actually use both regularly? And similarly own one of the above and a Niche and still use the Niche regularly?

I so far prefer med-dark to dark espresso (only espresso), but not closing the door on my future self getting more interested in lighter roasts. I'm assuming MD burrs would be my choice on the Flat Max.

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AuFinger wrote:I guess I'm curious how many people own a Max and MC5 and actually use both regularly? And similarly own one of the above and a Niche and still use the Niche regularly?
I somewhat fit the scenario, though with an MC4 instead of MC5. I had a Niche, and found that it was too blended for my preferences and the coffee I was drinking. Looking for more clarity, I went for an MC4, which was definitely a step up from the Niche for all roasts, and I sold the Niche quickly. The MC4 showed more origin characteristics for all beans, especially medium to light. After having the MC4 for ~6 months the coffee I was drinking was trending even lighter and I decided to sell the MC4 and go for an SLM MAX and also pick up a used Niche for when I wanted something darker (this was when Niches were very cheap used).

After comparing the MAX and Niche, I ended up deciding to sell the Niche and keep just the MAX. I found that while the MAX definitely won't work for true dark roasts like saka (as expected for 98mm burrs), it works great for more modern dark beans like Onyx's Monarch (really more of a medium dark). Granted, I mostly drink straight shots of light roasts, but I'm super happy with the shots the MAX makes for the occasional milk drink.

The MC5 changes this somewhat, and if I had had an MC5 instead of MC4 I don't think I would've had the urge to upgrade from the MC so quickly. I've blind tested the MC4 vs MC5 (I found the MC5 to be noticeably better for light roasts, but basically the same for dark), but I haven't compared the MC5 and the MAX side by side.


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For me, the MC5 was a big upgrade from the Niche.

Also, static and retention were an issue early on with the MC5, but now it's gone. Such a pleasure to use this grinder.


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Did mc5 have retention early usage?

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#57: Post by JohnB. »

I've only had my MC5 for a week but so far no retention issues as long as I give it a few puffs with my bellows. RDT is required to keep down static at this point.


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loscorrales wrote:Did mc5 have retention early usage?
I've had the MC5 since around Thanksgiving. Needed to use Mr Puff for the 3 to 4 weeks. Now, I just need to do a palm tap on top funnel and that's it.
The MC5 is also quieter than the Niche.


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Questions for folks with the MC5: How is the sound compared to the Niche? How long does it take to grind 18g (I know this could vary based on bean and grind setting)?

I have one on order for Sept delivery; can't wait!



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I posted this in a review. It's the MC4 and not the MC5, but it may be helpful.

(Noise running with no beans)
KafaTek MC4-Duo: 40dB
Niche: 48dB

(Noise while grinding)
KafaTek MC4-Duo: 42dB
Niche: 70dB

Said more simply, the MC4 is quieter and more pleasant.