JT64/ LR Lufeibao 64mm Grinder

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I haven't seen much about this grinder let alone a comprehensive spec sheet, but it seemed to have worthwhile features over the DF64, so I took the gamble and picked one up off AliExpress. It delivered in about a 1.5 weeks via DHL to the US. It's been called the JT64, LuFeiBao, and though it clearly takes styling cues from the Levercraft Ultra, seems to have nothing to do with Mr. Zhang.

Pain points I wanted to solve from the DF64:
- Variable RPM to grind slower and generate fewer fines and less static for less of a mess.
- SSP MP shriek at an unpleasant pitch in the DF in a cone of noise emanating from the dosing chamber.
- Concerns with potential retention within the DF64 chute, though I don't feel that my unit needed mods beyond declumper removal to perform acceptably.

In the box:
- Grinder
- Gigantic power brick
- Magnetic chute and 2 types of flaps
- Bellows + lid
- Tiny RDT bottle
- Cleaning brush

Upon opening the box, I immediately went to replace the stock Italmill burrs with SSP MP (which were also available as an option). I didn't test for out of factory alignment, but there were grounds in the chamber. It's not difficult to disassemble to access the burrs, but it does involve (un)screwing 4 screws and closing it up can feel vague.

The standout feature is the size- it's the height of a Lagom Mini, but heavy enough to stay planted so that it doesn't try to jump upon startup like the DF64 can. Less impressively, the power brick is massive and isn't won't always provide the necessary length to elegantly hide away.

The power brick (in front of the DF64) is rather large

It can grind incredibly slow, slower than any flat I've played with. I still don't know what the RPM range is, but I'd assume it's not too dissimilar to the 300-1400RPM range found on the Lagom P64.18g of light roast at espresso setting could take upwards of 4min. At the middle settings, it ground plenty quick and the burr geometry would determine output speed. With Sey Ethiopian beans, the motor did stall at times; slow feeding was necessary and I don't know how strong a motor is in here. I'd expected a click on the RPM knob/power switch, but it just starts without a clear actuation point. There's a tiny dot on the knob, but no good way to know when it'll start or to know or replicate a given speed.

The adjustment dial is bewildering - the burr setting and number dials rotate independently, and the numbering is reversed on a scale from 0-249. Easy to calibrate true zero, but it can get knocked out of position. My espresso setting hovers around 230, pourover at 160; not very intuitive scaling and I'll have to think of a way to remedy this. The dial ring claims that each tick is 6 microns. Annoyingly, the espresso range of the dial will also read "Make professional coffee". There's a grub screw on the back which only affects the adjustment dial and cleverly lets you swap between clickless and clicked at 5 (30micron) increments.

The dosing chamber has concentric rings like a camera lens hood, but it just serves as steps for grinds to sit on.

The magnetic chute exposes how little space there is for grounds to get inaccessibily stuck; I've never come so close to the burr exit gap before. There's two types of flaps - one that's more shallow and fits everything snugly, or a deeper, looser one that lets it and the chute itself act as knockers. Sometimes at the slowest grind speeds for espresso, the chute will accumulate grounds and pile up due to the slow output rate, and I get worried that it can clog up back to the burrs. On the other hand, I don't think I should have to constantly knock the flaps to prevent this from occurring. I typically default to 2 sprays of RDT, but at the moment I suspect that it results some clumping behind the magnetic flap.

The bellows work as expected, but best paired with high-RPM for purging. Like the DF64, a Pringles lid fits perfectly on top to see if anything remains. Retention hasn't been an issue for me - the times I measure my output, I get out what I put in within a margin I find acceptable (<0.1g)

How the stuck grinds land up inside the chamber

Other cons:
- The chute is high up and a bit wide. There is no place for portafilter hooks. I purchased a tall MHW-3bomber cup which fits right under the chute.
- Not a fan of the design, both the color scheme and the sprinkled text.
- The entire body looks like a heatsink, with nooks for grinds to land up in all over.
- The body finish doesn't seem all too great. Through regularly removing the chute flaps, I anticipate the black coming off over regular use.
- The power plug doesn't fit as snugly into the unit as I think it should.
- Assume there's no sort of warranty or support.

So far with a few days of ownership, it's ticked the boxes I wanted it to - the quality of life with SSP MPs is much higher and I don't get that noticeably finer pump out of the bellows. There's no shrieking, and it's silent enough without load that I could forget that it's on.


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You has been super fast in getting such grinder, basically only few videos on youtube dated few weeks ago, and basically no info at all around.
Anyway the brand is LR Lvfeibao but i can't find any info on aliexpress about this JT64, anyway it's humoristic that chinese copied chinese :lol:


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Seems very quiet without beans:
I guess the grinding noise is still substantial?

How much was it?


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Unfortunately, AC adapter was not on spec on first lot, It can't grind with light roast smoothly,
so next lot will be replace new AC adapter for few term.


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Hi, you're the guy posted in mobile01 forum right? I couldn't register an account there, glad that you're here.

Your current version of JT64, will it stall when grinding light roast espresso?

I asked the seller on taobao and they told me they will have to both replace the AC adapter and modify the grinder motor (not sure a new motor or just some tweaks). Did they get back to you how long it will take?


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Yeah, that's me.

When I grinding light roast espresso in full speed, the motor will be stuck.
But medium speed still can grind light roast espresso normally.
I think maybe new AC adapter will solve the problem.


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I'd love to check this out, but can't find it on Aliexpress. Do you have a link?


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Out of curiousity I searched for "64mm grinder" and these were among the search hits:




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I did the same thing but saw nothing. Thanks! Thinking it could be a cute little match for the Levercraft.


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Well the design is a hit or miss, Hoffman made the same comments on the original Zhang/Levercraft versions this was based on (which seems like most of the complaints in the op post)

The main question is it worth the money, which im guessing we will see once someone tests it with a different powerbrick. Which is the main problem.

While chengchuan post seems to going into the modding realm..... (totoally jaw dropped when I was reading his posts on that fourm)