James Hoffmann's $$$ single dose flat burr grinder reviews [VIDEO]

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#1: Post by baldheadracing »

Individual grinder videos:

Lagom P-64
Monolith MAX (Shuriken Sweet burrs)

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#2: Post by PIXIllate »

It's a MAX with SSW burrs.

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#3: Post by mwebber »

It's really exciting to me as a Patreon supporter that James is so eager to take suggestions from his viewers. I couldn't believe it when he told me he had just bought one for the channel at my recommendation! It's wild to think the review is finally coming out this week.


#4: Post by Word_salad »

Thank you for a making a dedicated thread to this, I'm excited to watch these. Can't wait for the comparison at the end. I wonder how many shots he's going to pull to compare 5 grinders. Hopefully more than 5 :lol:

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#5: Post by Chert »

I like how his viewers pull James Hoffman quotable quotes and comment on his youtube channel. Some viewers compare these grinders to telescopes and microscopes. Wwhat?
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#6: Post by Quester » replying to Chert »

I used my EG-1 to pull shots for lots of small groups for a couple years, and I can't remember a single group where someone didn't walk into the kitchen and ask why I had a microscope there. Go figure.


#7: Post by thoang77 »

Chert wrote:Some viewers compare these grinders to telescopes and microscopes. Wwhat?
The Monoliths absolutely look like a microscope. Tilted circular opening as your ocular and a flat area with grooves in it to hold your slides.

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#8: Post by iploya »

That EG-1 is just gorgeous. But that Option-O looks more like a microscope but also really nice as a grinder as well, and for less than half the price of the EG-1.

baldheadracing (original poster)
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#9: Post by baldheadracing (original poster) »

EK review is up. Tl;dw: It's a bulk/shop grinder.

Not sure which burrs are on it.

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#10: Post by GC7 »

I have this old grinder sitting in my closet but I can't find replacement burrs- or is that bulbs?