James Hoffmann's $$$ single dose flat burr grinder reviews [VIDEO] - Page 2

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#11: Post by Brewzologist »

Geoffrey; I have no clue what kind of grinder that is, but it sure looks like it produces a lot of 'bimodal' grinds. :wink:


#12: Post by bakafish »

baldheadracing wrote:EK review is up. Tl;dw: It's a bulk/shop grinder.

Not sure which burrs are on it.
If he used this burr set, it should be the stock coffee burr.

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#13: Post by Chert »

GC7 wrote:image
I have this old grinder sitting in my closet but I can't find replacement burrs- or is that bulbs?
Legendary nikon. 2.7 micron step grinds adjustment if I recall correctly,
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#14: Post by Jeff »

Exceptional clarity and focus, stereo giving an amazing feeling of depth to the experience. Velvety smooth adjustment, silent operation.

Kidding aside, the first video with its subtle point, paraphrased, "are we testing burrs or grinders here?" is one to keep in mind. When do burrs matter more than alignment and feed mechanisms and vice versa?

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#15: Post by PIXIllate » replying to Jeff »

I think this is on target. Once you reach the level of machining with the Kafatek/Ultra/EG1 you have probably eliminated the major differences other than the burrs in terms of in the cup changes.

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#16: Post by cycomachead »

Really enjoying the series so far...just a bit worried it's going to cost me a ton of money at the end. :D The P64 has been enticing for a while, and the EG-1 is of course stunning. The Baby EK has always seemed fun, but I'm not always sure "EK shots" are my thing. Looking forward to the Monolith and Ultra reviews, though stylistically the Ultra has never been my cup of tea.

Currently using a Robur, and I don't think I'd replace it, but there might be room for one more...

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#17: Post by baldheadracing (original poster) »

LeverCraft Ultra is up. Tl:dw; Super-quiet; but separate power supply ends up on the counter in a domestic kitchen.

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#18: Post by michael »

Is there a link to the review 8)

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#19: Post by baldheadracing (original poster) » replying to michael »

Please see the first post ...


#20: Post by michael »

Got it, thnx

Is the MAX the only grinder left to go 8)