Issues with messy Baratza Sette 270wi

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I recently purchased a Breville Infuser and Baratza Sette 270wi as my first home espresso machine. I'm not very picky about my lattes and was focused on finding a machine/grinder combo that would be very automated and easy to use. I had seen several threads where people recommended the Infuser/Sette combo for beginners. However, I am running into big issues when I try to grind into the Breville portafilter.

Before the grind I insert my 54mm breville portafilter with double-shot insert. I select the option for 18g grind (I've found that I need to select 19g in order for it to actually get to 18g due to the amount that falls of the sides). By the time the grind is done, I wind up with as much coffee grounds on the table and floor as I actually get in the portafilter. I purchased a 54mm portafilter funnel from Amazon but I found that the portafilter would not fit into the Sette with the funnel attached. I'm not sure how to fix this issue. It's a huge pain to clean and vacuum every time I make espresso, a major waste of beans, and definitely not the semi-automated experience I was expecting. Here's a photo of what my countertop looks like after grinding one double-shot dose.

Any suggestions?

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something like this: ... B082SWN84Q

Alternatively grind into a hopper or a large cup and pour into the portafilter


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18g is too much for my 53mm La Spaziale. I've been using 15gr. Also the comment about getting a new hook from Baratza is correct. I needed one to center the 53mm portafilter with the 270wi.


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Are you talking about it overflowing the basket or missing the basket? If it's the former, I did half grind bursts when I had a 270wi and would give it a couple hits on the counter after the first burst to lightly settle the grounds. This would give me enough space to get the dose printed on the basket without getting it everywhere. Depending on the coffee and grind, I could usually even get 20g in a 18g basket.

Also, are you sure that your basket is even supposed to hold 18g?

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Oh my, that's quite a mess! I think Russell has put his finger on it. If this is truly overflowing the basket, it appears to me that you may be trying to put too much coffee into it. The photo seems to bear this out. I'd try his fill-tamp-fill-tamp idea. That said, I've had no issues at all filling my PF. I put a small cloth under the PF, over the base of the grinder. I don't have much overspill, hardly any at all, but the cloth does pick up the odd stray particle, which I then shake into the sink.


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Sette 270 Wi is grinding by weight with an Acaia scale. I think yours is trying to compensate somehow the huge loss from your countertop and, by doing this, it keeps grinding trying to achieve the targeted weight. You should set (for trials purposes at least) a much lower dose, i.e. 15 g, and see how's that going. Also, never touch the PF while grinder is on. A second test would be to use the grinder in the manual mode and to fill the PF then check it on a scale. You will find out the max amount of coffee that you can grind straight in that PF.

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I'm puzzled by how far and wide the grinds are going. I just ran my Sette with no PF to see what would happen. All the grinds piled up fairly neatly in a mound on the base of the grinder. It makes me wonder if you might have had the burrs assembly apart and forgot to put the little plastic cone back in. If it's there, you should see it very slightly protruding from the bottom of the grinding assembly. Another thing I noticed is the grinder delivered about 13 grams, rather than the five I called for. So, this would explain why you have so much coffee coming out as mentioned by Petrisor.

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I took the suggestion about tamping halfway through. I've read that the Breville infuser double-shot portafilter should be able to hold 16-18g so I do not believe I am putting too much in, but it may be that the grounds are too fluffy to fit in that portafilter without mid-way tamping. Instead of grinding for 18g, I'm grinding for 9g, tamping it, and then doing another 9g grind, and then tamping it again. That seems to have helped somewhat, but I am still getting grounds on the countertop.

I will try purchasing this dropdown hook that Baratza recommended to me in an email: ... older-fork

They also suggested that most of the spilling may be due to static buildup and suggested that I wet a butter knife and stir the beans with it prior to grinding. I'll try that with my next grind tomorrow morning.

Using a dosing funnel that fits would be another option. I found this design for a 3d printed funnel that would not interfere with the hook. Has anyone had success with a funnel like this? Are there any that are available to purchase so that I don't have to go looking for someone with a 3d printer?

Thank you to everyone for all of the suggestions.