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If you want to get rid of the fines and are open to sieving, Chinese copy of Fuji royal r220 comes with a catch cup with a 250μm sieve and a lid. Denis (i think also from hb) doses 19.01g, 18.89g comes out of the grinder, he sieves out 1.36g in after 10-12 seconds of shaking. Photos and details are in the fist page of the thread: ... le.121656/


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anyone try hooking up the grinder to something like a variac to bring the rpm down even more? or would that damage the motor


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If you have to ask if a Variac should be used and aren't already 100% confident, the answer is to stay far far away from Variacs altogether before you get yourself hurt.

A variable frequency drive, however, might work.

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another_jim wrote:Ditto. Do you know what the deal is with the shutter?
If you mean the little trap door thingy, I use it to stop popcorning. I broke my hopper lid a long time ago.

I also keep it closed when loading the beans, then open it to grind.


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I did the same when I had mine despite having a (lovely glass) hopper on it. Load em on there, flip open, flip back closed.

But I'm not sure why it's actually there. Bit lacking as a hopper cutoff since everything will still leave the hopper. Maybe just to stop it for disassembling the chamber without unloading it?

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Great minds etc, I hit on the same thing. It's cool to see it do 15 grams of coffee in about two seconds, but it doesn't seem to affect the blanket of fines.

Off topic, but while you're here: Are you guys grinding a lot coarser for the equivalent brew method than with a flat burr like a Bunn? I am, in order to get the same taste; and I have zero clue why. Maybe the ghost teeth shatter the cells without breaking the beans, so a coarser grind extracts like a finer one on a burr grinder.
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I think there are a lot of fines stuck to the larger particles. The grinder, at least my unit, never sieved anywhere near as evenly as it visually appeared.