Is This a Brass Bunn?

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Hello... this is my first post here, but certainly not my last. The other day I came across this grinder on Craigslist. The seller didn't know what brand it was (they got it from an estate sale), but I thought that it looked an awful lot like a Bunn G1. I figured I'd chance the $100 and bought it. I had first thought that it had been stored in a hot, humid environment for a while and that the stainless steel skin had started to corrode, but when I got it home and out of the crate, I realized that it was in fact skinned in brass. Solid brass, by the looks of it, but I could be mistaken. I started polishing it earlier today but don't have time to finish the front today. So my question is: is this a Bunn G1? It has no markings or labels, with the exception of the stickers on the inside of the lid. Everything looks right except the auger; the spring for the rotor doubles as the auger. I have yet to find any pictures or anything of a brass Bunn online, so I thought I'd punt this to y'all to see what you guys think. I also posted some pics of the burrs, so if anyone would like to provide their input as to their condition, I would appreciate it... this is my first flat burr grinder, so I'm not sure if they're good or not. Thanks!

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maddestmike wrote: ... first post here ...
Be sure to read the FAQ. ;^ )
maddestmike wrote: ... seller didn't know what brand it was ...
I've only seen a live one from afar or in photos, but from the faceplate markings it looks like a Bunn G3.

From ebay:

Here at HB: [SOLD] Bunn G3
See photo of the auger.
maddestmike wrote: ... in fact skinned in brass.
Could well be.
At one time brass and coffee machines was a thing.
No idea where that came from.
maddestmike wrote: Everything looks right except the auger ...
Yes, that one does not like what is advertised as an original part here:

Image courtesy of

Drop the guys at partdtown an email and ask about the model and the auger.
They'll know for sure.
maddestmike wrote: ... pics of the burrs ...
The proof is always in the pudding.
Check how it runs and after a good, through clean-up, see if it can still grind for a proper espresso.

There's a lot on Bunn grinders and their mods here at HB, the search function is your friend.
And parts for most models seem to be readily available, just have to shop around for the right price.

But I cannot say how much this Bunn is really worth.
Check ebay listings (past and present) to get an idea and compare.

There may (or may not) be a reason beyond lack of knowledge on behalf of the seller for letting it go for $100.
That said, you probably got a good deal. ie: you cannot get too much for a C-note these days.




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Crazy good deal for $100. I'd use Bunn's spec sheets to determine what it is by hopper size.

I remember seeing a gold one for sale from Voltage a year or so ago, it seems like a rare color though.


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That's an awesome grinder!