Is there a trick to getting beans in a hand grinder?

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#1: Post by Drewskie »

Recently picked up a 1zpresso grinder which so far I really like, but I'm having a hard time getting beans in it. Every time I add coffee, it makes a giant mess and I think more beans get on the countertop than in the grinder. Is there a special funnel or something I should be looking for?

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#2: Post by GregoryJ »

I cup my non-pouring hand around the top
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#3: Post by zellleonhart »

I use the small size of this to load into my comandante C40: ... sing-trays
It is the same as the James Hoffmann one here ... osing-tray

If you want something cheaper, maybe look for Cha He vessel used for tea leaves (which is what inspired the above)


#4: Post by pandoobus »

Like GregoryJ said, use your hand as a funnel. Have your pinky, ring, and middle fingers wrapped around the top of your grinder and then your index finger is above the body of the grinder, acting like a funnel.
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#5: Post by rmongiovi »

I use

Stick it on the scale, tare, add beans. Squish it a bit to funnel the beans into the grinder.

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Man, I feel like a dummy that I never even thought of using my hand. I'll have to try that tomorrow.

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#7: Post by MB »

I tare the magnetic catch cup, pour beans into that, use that to pour beans into the top, attach catch cup and grind. Easy enough and nothing special needed.
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#8: Post by nameisjoey »

Silicone pinch bowls are awesome for this. And super cheap. OE sells them for this reason.

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#9: Post by GregoryJ »

I have a K-pro grinder, and pretty much anything I've tried to weigh beans into works fine like small cups, mason jars, espresso baskets, etc.

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#10: Post by Drewskie (original poster) »

Just a quick update-info post. I just happened to have a little extra rubber funnel from the encore grinder that I forgot I had, and I tried that today with the hand grinder and it works perfectly..