Is it worth upgrading from Ceado e37s to Lagom P64? My thoughts on the Ceado e37s - Page 4

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Yes you are right, they were not seasoned, that might changed a bit over time but the difference compared to the SSP was like night and day even with the SSP not seasoned either. Seasoning will not change that.


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Sorry forgot to Reply earlier. Lagom P64 is much better for home use, especially if you want to single dose, the stock burrs on it. Lots of retention with the Atom 75. It's a nice beast of a grinder though if you want something fast, quiet and powerful for espresso at like a restaurant something maybe.
Stock P64 burrs at highest RPM I found were similar to the Eureka Oro SD (64mm) which I thought was similar to the Atom 75 (maybe)
It's funny I was saying how I liked the 64mm SSP Cast burrs, I've grown to dislike them, I think my alignment was good on the DF64 originally and it ended up going off, so maybe I lost the flavour clarity I wanted and got previously, because now I don't find there's enough clarity for me on those burrs. I have a theory with the SSP MP burrs since it's already so uni-modal even if your alignment is off you still get good high flavour clarity results.

Monolith I don't love using it as much as the P64, the Monolith workflow is a little more work (not bad though) and it takes longer to grind the last bits of coffee which is annoying. It has a unique flavour profile which it kinda imparts on the coffees. It does dial down bitterness or sourness and makes it easier to get good results with, but sometimes I don't like it because it feels like the grinder influences the taste of coffee and it's not the coffee representing itself as it truly is. The Weber Key / HG2 does something similar in a bit of a different way. All the coffees end up more tea-like and super smooth (usually).

buckersss wrote:I enjoyed your post. Curious what other thoughts you may have between the p64 and atom 75. I take it you still like them, and the df64, enough to keep all? Do you notice a big step up when using the monolith?