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EvanOz85 wrote:Anyone have recommendations for getting beans into the funnel? The space between the funnel and the top of the grinder is extremely small; too small to tip my dosing cup into.
Can't go wrong with the Loveramics dosing trays, which are on sale right now. ... sing-trays I hand-threw my own version of these after using a friend's set, and it works great for both the Weber Key and Versalab M4 - which I think has even less space from funnel to top than the HGs and Key.


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Unsure if it is due to granite worktops or not but my prime sits firmly in place and requires a good tug to move it.
Just wipe the granite and base of the grinder with a slightly damp microfibre cloth.
With both surfaces damp not wet if that makes sense....
Place the grinder firmly and leave it 5 minutes.
Its just like you glued it in place but can be moved when required.

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Yep, I have mine sitting on a glass tabletop and it's as if it's glued on. No chance of it coming loose even when grinding the lightest roasts.


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intjester wrote:Would love to, but I don't see it for sale.
this is the Lyn's version of the HG-1 (he split from Weber when they were partners)

so the correct link is:

but eh you cant order atm given they are on a planned vacation

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I don't think you've read and understood the thread. I asked for a popcorn lid for an HG-1P I own as Craig Lyn doesn't currently sell one. Someone suggested the Key lid exists and in theory is interchangeable. I point out that Weber doesn't have that part for sale separately.

Regardless, I wrote to ask CLS if they plan to make a cover and Craig was nice enough to send me a file that can be CNCd in the meantime before they have one up for sale.


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So has anyone actually compared with the HG-2?