Ion Beam static reducer

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Acaia is releasing a new "Ion Beam" add-on for grinders to reduce static. From their marketing page it looks like they have tested it on both their Orbit and a Niche grinder of some type. ... e-ion-beam

There isn't much detail, I wonder if it is battery powered, and if there are any forum members who have perhaps been testing?


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I know ionizers can be troublesome for people with asthma. May also be a prop 65 sort of thing.

FWIW, I worked in a semiconductor assembly factory inspecting chips before packaging and we had an ionizer at every workstation, blowing air onto our desks. I turned out OK :-)

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No real stats on the Acaia web site, there may be more info on instagram but I don't IG.

Any ideas on how close the emmiter needs to be to the grounds flow to be effective?

This definitely interest me, as I could, conceivably use 1 between all my grinders rather than installing a separate onboard static mitigation device on each grinder.

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From the photos it looks like you place it an inch or two from the outlet of the grinder, much like you were placing a microphone up to it. If you were going to use it across grinders, I would hope that 1) it is indeed battery powered, no wires, and 2) you could acquire a small boom stand or perhaps something like an articulated phone tripod to make it easy to position and move around.

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It looks in the picture like there is a USB sized charging port, so I guess it uses a rechargable battery.

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I picked up a grinder recently with a built in static reducer; it's a Taiwanese 690n. The reducer sits in between the motor and plastic base with a fitted catch bin. It does reduce messy grinds on the grinder/bench area; not eliminated however.


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Does anyone notice particular smells in these things at all? The smell of ozone?


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Every grinder I've ever owned only had lots of static issues when not broken in yet, after that it all disappeared. Maybe if you're in the wrong part of the world (very hot and dry) it really adds something but for me it's trying to cure an issues that isn't really an issue.