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#1: Post by LineaMurphy »

Email teaser today.. who knows what?

A dedicated line of grinders to perfectly complement the espresso machines you know and love. Crafted by La Marzocco for the café, home, and every space in between. Coming soon.

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#2: Post by baldheadracing »

Those of you who "know your grinder parts" can see if you can spot anything in the one minute long teaser video - which only shows a small part of a grind-on-demand grinder.
The hopper closeup looks like a Mazzer Mini short hopper to me.
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#3: Post by ira »

My first thoughts were Mythos and it's way to big for a home.

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#4: Post by Jaroslav replying to ira »

I think Etzinger etzMax/Swift Mini have a similar hopper to the one shown in the video.

LineaMurphy (original poster)

#5: Post by LineaMurphy (original poster) »

Etzinger GBW would be real attractive with some LM styling..

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#6: Post by ira »

When LM hinted to me this was coming they said it was being designed in house and would be built in house or at least to their specs.


#7: Post by snellingio »

What we know:

LM currently sells a single rebadged Mazzer, as well as several unbadged Mazzers. (Although, I'm not sure who makes the swift?).

@10 sec, we see a cafe
@17 sec, we see a really wide and short hopper, with a relatively very large anti-popcorn shield.
@25 sec, we see a home, with a very angular looking hopper
@33 sec, we see a metallic portafilter holder, and relatively slow grinding

What we also have seen: in 2020, LM debuted the Swift Mini, which looks like the grinder @ 25 sec.

see: ... -marzocco/ La Marzocco Swift Mini with Etzinger grind mechanism

There was also a prototype "Swan" from a press release (scroll to bottom): ... wift-mini/

My guess is: re-introduction of something similar to the Swift Mini or Swan by Etzinger, and a new line of Mazzer rebadges (matching colors).

A friend of mine is *really* hoping for grind by weight. As far as I can tell, it's not a Eureka, Compak, or Mahlkönig. Mazzer doesn't do much high tech from what I know. It definitely looks like the grinding stops, and then he picks up the portafilter, so I'm going to say yes to GBW.

I guess there is a possibility of Fiorenzato, they also have pretty large anti-popcorn devices, and I know they sell white-labeled ones under Sanremo. I'm still going with Etzinger.

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#8: Post by Jaroslav »

snellingio wrote:Mazzer doesn't do much high tech from what I know.
Mazzer doesn't do high tech?! You have some homework to do :)


#9: Post by snellingio »

Genuinely curious!

I was under the impression that Mazzer was sort of "behind" r/e high tech for touch screens, iot connections, grind by weight, etc. Though I will admit, I've only looked at their "affordable" (sub $1500) offerings.

To be clear, I don't think any of these things are better, but feel like something LM and others are starting to stuff in given current trends

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#10: Post by another_jim »

The Swift Mini has a lock-in PF station for very hit or miss autotamping. The video shows a conventional on demand grinder.
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