Input on Elektra MXAC / Macap MX?

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I recently purchased an Elektra T1 Sixties one-group espresso machine, and the seller included an Elektra MXAC grinder. From what I've gathered, it's a rebranded Macap MX. I currently single-dose with a Baratza Vario, but after taking this Elektra/Macap apart and cleaning it, it seems to be a much higher class of grinder. It's in great shape but I'm torn between keeping it (and making it a bit more friendly to the home setting by removing the doser, downsizing the hopper, etc.) vs. selling it and maybe keeping an eye out for something a bit more manageable.

As you can see from the images (below), it comes with a doser. The grinder runs until the doser is "full" (the paddle is pushed by the grinds) and then it shuts off. This configuration seems great if I'm doing 15 drinks an hour, but it's too much for my usual 2-3 double shots a day. Any idea how much trouble it is to turn this into a doserless setup? Fashioning some sort of funnel seems like the easy bit, but I imagine I should do something with the switch that cuts the motor off - maybe connect it to some sort of timer?

Any thoughts on whether it's worth the trouble? I didn't find much about the reputation or quality of these grinders, so any insights would be great.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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CafeIKE did a single-dose hopper for his similar MXC so I would suggest PM-ing him if he doesn't reply [SOLD] Elektra MXC (Macap M5) Grinder

(I bought CafeIKE's MXC but I haven't done anything with it.)
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Thanks for the tip! I see the PVC pipe hopper on that one; some say you can use a rubber camera lens hood, so that's another option. Also, it looks like that MXC has a stepless worm gear adjustment, which would be nice to have.