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Randy G. wrote:One end has a "hook" that acts as a rake to remove the majority of remaining coffee in the throat. The length of it is specific to allow its use while the grinder is running. Flipping the tool 180 degrees allows the use of the brush at the other end to remove the last remaining coffee in the throat. The "Z" bend keeps fingers clear of the edges of the doser.
Brilliant Randy! Been using those tin handled flux brushes for years but your tool solution looks down right marketable. Excellent detail in keeping length short enough to use before burrs spin down. Is the brush end a sawed off toothbrush?
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I know this is a really old thread but I have a question. I decided to do this mod to my grinder because I seem to lose about 1/2 gm per shot somewhere. The problem is if I remove the top star then I also have to remove the thin metal plate that covers the dispensing chute. I grind my dose into the doser, then I put the basket under and thwack the grounds into the basket. If I leave the metal plate out, some of the grinds spray out of the doser chute. How do you guys work around that or do you have your pf under the doser while grinding?

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Well, these mods are originally designed for an SJ, which grinds much slower than a Robur so the overspray is less. My Faema grinds very fast and has a huge throat, most grounds fly to the other end of the doser before the fall down, until the chute is filled up.
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