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michael wrote:How do I access the robur design 8)
Just click the download link underneath the design! The Robur and Major ring sizes were nearly identical, so I made one design for both..

Post a picture of the fitted result!

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Thanks for creating these grind setting rings Lorenzo! Much easier to fine tune my Mazzer now.

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Fantastic! Only thing i would add is to delete the black from outside of the rings and inside of rings. Hate to go thru a quarter cup of ink for areas that go into trashcan anyway. Installed mine, love it.

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BIG thanks to you for your good work!

I am currently overhauling a Mazzer SJ and will be using the rings when finished.

Just wondered if it was possible to get a copy of the timer switch ring as the numbers are worn off of mine?

Hope it's not too much bother, but will understand if it's not do-able.

Thanks again


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So I just finished replacing my Mazzer mini-E burrs with Super Jolly burrs. I had installed the grind setting ring on a couple of weeks ago, and it is glued on pretty well with spray adhesive. When I put the setting ring on I placed "0" where the burrs just started to click. All my espressos pretty much were ground at a setting of about 1.2 (+-0.1). Earlier today I decided to replace the regular mini burrs with Super Jolly burrs. I had no expectation of the ring still being "zeroed".

Anyway, lucky lucky. It turns out that after the burr change, the new zero is not as precise as with the regular burrs, because instead of clicking it makes a rubbing abrasive sound and then the grinder stops. It is not as clear exactly where this occurs compared to the onset of clicking with the old burrs, as the rubbing is pretty severe over a range of about 0.25. Anyway, it was close enough to the old zero that I didn't reglue the ring. Surprisingly, the my sweet spot for grinding espresso is still very close, it moved from 1.2 (mini burrs) to 0.9 (super jolly burrs).

Just letting people know that you don't have to remove and replace setting ring when you switch from mini burrs to jolly burrs on your mini-E. 30 min work and now have faster grind speeds with no downside.

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Great idea Ifanchi and a really nice looking mod. Thank you for sharing.
I didn't notice this thread before but picked up a 99-model major just last month that will eventually get some surface treatment, a new layer of paint, new burrs etc, so this is very welcome. Will definitely try to get one of your adjustment scales printed on some glossy photo-paper.

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Does someone have the PSD and PDF versions in English of the Mazzer Mini & Super Jolly (v3) to edit it ;)

The original author is not here since 2015..

LMWDP #588.


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I'll second that question.
These are awesome and I didn't see them until now.
Anybody have these files to post again?

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If you'll pm me with your email address, I'll be happy to send you the files.

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Mp sent :wink:
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