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Portafilter holder, a cover that doesn't allow bean particles that fly out and land into the adjustment area.


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So I believe Nizhe Zero is actually being manufactured by WPM. They're also making another higher tier grinder under a different brand: http://slingshot.coffee/en/

It seem to have what alot of people here are asking for, namely: flat burrs, hopper, augur. It looks quite a bit larger though. I haven't tried it, and I probably wouldn't get one either seeing that I own an EK already, but just thought I'd mention it in case y'all didn't know.

Note: I have no idea if they're actually the same company, it's just a guess from my end. I live in shanghai and the WPM dealer sells both.


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No mention of retention or it being designed for single dosing , that I can see after a quick skim.
Infact looking at some videos this is a pure commercial grinder . It pre grinds then deliver to the PF , little bit like an Akoyzen from memory, with a few more bells and whistles.


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lagoon wrote:I would like:

Tilted flat burrs. 75mm titanium.
200g hopper
Portafilter holder
Gravimetric dosing

Then it would be perfect :)
A mythos then >

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In order to keep on topic new thread focused on the Slingshot grinder has been started.

The Slingshot grinder.
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There are 2 things that I would actually ELIMINATE!

- The little red light.
- the retractable cord.

I feel that they are unnecessary.
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You can diy those things

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grover wrote:Portafilter holder, a cover that doesn't allow bean particles that fly out and land into the adjustment area.
No need to wait for v2 to get a Portafilter holder... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3328072
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Did you make this? If so, nice job! Nice set and video shows it well.
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mianor wrote:The latest grinder from Wilfa is a single dose grinder with an auto off function, meaning you put the beans inside, press a button and the grinder automatically stops when it has grinded through all the beans. I would like to see a similar function on the Niche too.
I'm quite happy with the V1 so I don't need a V2 but this would be a very nice feature to have.
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