Identify Mazzer grinder model

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Hi all, looking to understand more about what type of mazzer mini this is, I'm looking to buy it for $300, think this is a good deal? Not sure yet what size burrs as I haven't seen it in person. I'd also probably end up converting to doserless. Thanks!

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Mini Doser model, 58mm burrs, built in 1998.

Looks like it could use a cleaning. Burrs are inexpensive. If the motor runs pretty quietly, the bearings are probably OK, and in any case the Minis don't put as much stress on the bearings as the larger Mazzers do. Burrs are easy to replace, and bearings, if needed, aren't too difficult to replace if you are handy.

All in all $300 isn't too much if the bearings are good. It's still a 22 year old machine, so you could offer a bit less. These Mazzers are very well built and usage history is more important than age in terms of expected wear-and-tear problems. :)

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Figure out what you'll do for a spout. The Mazzer E funnel is expensive. Consider the Daniel Wong mod, or some other DIY: maybe 3d printed. I went with the pancake funnel, which was quite difficult to cut, but I'm happy with the results.

The 58mm burrs have a gap around them, so I read that retention is poor. If you plan to single dose, you might want to consider the Mini-E burrs, which requires upper and lower burr carriers as well, I think it's around $300 total.

Total up the costs and compare to something like a new DF64 and see if it makes sense.