I have Eureka Olympus 75e and I have clogging problem

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#1: Post by bokhamees »

my problem is the coffee stuck in the place i pictured and when i clean it it gets trapped again after two or three uses and then the coffee become tastes bad because the old coffee mixes with the new
i tried remove this part but nothing improve

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I'm testing the very similar Eureka Atom, and my take is that it's not not a bug, but a feature.

These on demand grinders are designed to delver the coffee like tubes of toothpaste or pastry bags: the grinds are compressed and squeezed out. This removes the static and lets them be used without WDT, levelling tools, or the other puck prep actions you need on many single dosing grinders. You can grind into basket, tamp, and go, with zero fuss. After removing the grate, you'll have noticed that the grind is very staticky; and the puck prep will be a lot fussier. This is also true of you use a bellows and try to single dose the grinder.

There are about 3 to 5 grams of ground coffee in the chamber. For lighter and medium roasts, I've found purging a shot from the grinder in the morning does the trick, and the few hours between shots does not greatly affect the taste. (I compared baskets with the the first shot out, with the preground part, and the second, with all fresh coffee). Darker roasts oxidize more quickly, and coffee oils will start to stink; in this case the grinder may not work outside a commercial setting unless you purge it before every shot.
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True what Jim said. This is normal behaviour for every GOD grinder and the reason why, in my opinion is, they're not really suited for home use. I could taste the stale grinds in my next shot within 30-45min so I purged 4-5gr every espresso.

Drinking 4 espresso a day means average 18gr wasted a day times 340-350 days a year of use is over 6KG a year of wasted coffee. With an average of around 55 euros a kilo it cost me something like 350 euros a year of wasted coffee. That made buying an "expensive" single dose grinder a lot less expensive. So during the lifespan of the Olympus it's much more expensive in the end then my EG-1 is :wink: .


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I have a similar issue with my Specialty 65, but I don't purge anymore. I did several taste tests and don't find any noticeable difference in taste when I WDT my grounds in the portafilter. No difference in channeling either. But that's just me, others with more refined taste buds may find a different result.
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I took the little finger thing out of mine and also installed a single dose hopper and bellows. A spritz of water on the beans takes care of the static and no more issues with the thing getting clogging up. The bellows works well enough to remove most of the residual grounds. Not "zero" retention but close. This might seem like an unnecessary alteration but the clogging issue is common enough that there is even a video on YouTube that suggests dismantling the upper part of the grinder and cleaning it out should be considered part of a "normal" maintenance routine.