I got the "Thailandese" brand of SPTK 38G grinder

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First of all, i only knew the existence of SPTK 38G, after i bought mine ( another brand name) from a local distributor, so i was quite happy to watch the videos of Lance and Kyle.
From my side i have to say that i bought it because i was curious and even because it look quite solid ( i bought it without saw it live, i only got photos from the local distributor) which is true, and IMHO is even well made.
I was not able to find a single piece of plastic ( i did not dismantled yet..but i will not anyway), quite stable on it's base, despite the 2kg weight, i like the design and i even got 2 pair of burrs, 6 cores and 7 cores stainless steel not special.
The only strange thing is that i paid more here in Thailand than the selling price in USA....i will indicate :wink:
Anyway my first 2 days trial are going well, i'm used to flat burrs grinders, so it was a new trip, but overall, apart i have no clue for the reliability, i'm happy with it.

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I have a question because it's not clear to me, this grinder is made in South Korea or China?
The 58espresso website claim to have got a patented for another product in Korea, but their story began in Italy, so quite confusing.
Thank you.

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I wrote to 58espresso, and they already replied to me, on Sunday, wow, chapeau.
The project is made in S.Korea, and it's produced in China.