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The designer said it is more precise than HG one. Its inside is also different with Versalab M3, not only the burrs.

As to the electronic dosing function, I do not think there are differences between rotation based and timer based. Although it can be set to 1/9999 rotation interval, the grind efficiency is severely impacted by how many beans / pressure you add to stop popping, so the rotation based and timer based cannot as precise as weight based. I am single dosing, so I just used it as a motorized HG one. :D

You can add a bean hopper on it. It is compatible with Super Jolly.

You can easily remove the remaining beans by removing a screw, but there will be many beans in the dial collar just above the burrs.

IMO, the dial collar is the only defect. If I lock it not tight enough, it will spin during grind and finally locks the burrs and cannot be loosened. I have to remove and reinstall the burrs to solve. If I lock it too tight, it will be hard to loosen and change dial.


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That's a beautiful grinder. I'm curious about the dial collar issue. Is it something that bothered you at first and then you figured it out, or something that continues to be an issue on a day-to-day basis?

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The designer said the collar lock mechanism can average the force and is better than an one side lock mechanism like M3, but it really bothered at first use. The first problem is I did not know how much force should I use, and the second is you can see there are 2 handles to turn the collar, but nowhere to resist the turn force.

This is my solution. I am right handed and it does not need really big force to lock, so I use my right hand on the upper left rear corner and use my left hand to lock it. Sorry I have only 2 hands and took the pictures by myself. :P

To loosen, use my left hand on the upper right rear corner and use my right hand to loosen it.

Sometimes I still used too big force when locked it.


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This is the basket base. The height can be adjusted by the thread.

Put the basket on it.

Then put the top collar on it.

And tamp.

Another solution I'd ever used. The base is made by a paper roll of a use up tape. Just fit.:lol:
But I prefer the original basket base.


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Thanks for the clarification on the wiper, and glad it's not an alignment issue.

The grinder itself looks like a modded Versalab grinder style.

In case anyone is interested, and sorry for the distraction:
There's supposedly a German version of this too, but I haven't read anything about that yet.
More details available on the German site: ... hle.61780/
LMWDP #445