Huffin' & Puffin' a [Niche Zero] grinder

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A not infrequent word is Puff in relation to grinders.
A quick search found a few for too much lucre for something likely destined for the NBT* bin.

$9 on the big A:

Diatomaceous Earth Puffer
Just set the accordion body in the hopper and push 2 or 3 times.
Also works well on hopperless conventional like MC4, MXK, MCX

Edit: Just for grins, I pulsed the grinder after the first puff to move the burrs and sweep. Additional 2nd puff position resulted in a tiny additional ejection, not measurable on a 0.1g scale. Additional puffs 1, 3, & 4, nada.

Some had opined that post grind puffing is preferred as mostly fines would remain.
Grinder torn down and made like new, one seasoning grind discarded, shot ground.
One side of the grey line is puff after several hours in the grinder, other side is from a live grind falling into the basket.
No appreciable visible or tactile delta. Fine GSD hair for reference.

Several puffs measured 0.3g on a 0.1g scale so could vary a bit. Eyeball says pretty consistent.

Bottom line, with the usual caveats**, puffing doesn't appear to make any appreciable difference in the cup but it is nice to know all the coffee is freshly ground.

* Next Big Thing

** my stuff, my coffee

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#2: Post by Jeff »

Great idea!

What is the OD of the thread or, equivalently, the smallest grinder throat ID that it will fit into without modification?

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Min OD is about 2.25 inches or 57mm

Works on larger throat as there are sort of 3 steps for the bellows [≈88mm], body [≈72mm] & thread [≈57mm]

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