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#31: Post by Pavoniboy_Aus »

I just tried the Schectermatic Schnozzola on a Fiorenzato Doge 63 - and it fits! Although the outlet is a different shape, the card just moulds to the shape and is a perfect fit. I actually printed it out and made it up to see what mods I had to make to make it fit my Doge, but no mods required.

Does using it on a grinder other than it's designed for void my warranty?


#32: Post by Anvan »

I'm afraid so, Pavoniboy.

Schectermatic products may be excellent, but they appear to be designed for extremely specific applications and there's fine print that the Schnozzola warranty will be voided "...if used on a product, or products, other than those intended by the holder of its intellectual property, such products being described in the documentation provided with or by Schectermatic Inc., including but not limited to (i) user documentation, (ii) installation guides or (iii) reference materials and (iv) Web postings, and any such unauthorized use of such Schnozzola device as described above in this document and/or its contents, in any form, is strictly prohibited."

Kinda says it all, I'm afraid: you'll have to proceed at your own risk. Great product, I hasten to say again, but I can't think of anyone who successfully pried a refund from them.