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Psyd wrote: Getting it back together correctly is fairly simple. Rest the upper burr carrier on the top of the threads, and 'unscrew it' (counter-clockwise) till it settles on the threads' start. You'll hear/feel it, so be in a fairly quiet environment. Once that happens, start clockwise, and never force anything. If you feel resistance (over the effort it took to remove the upper carrier in the first place) start again!
+1. Also, once this point has been found, it helps to mark the point on the collar in some way. Sharpie, piece of tape, etc.

For practice, try removing the springs that push up on the burr carrier first. Just remember to put the springs back in before you start grinding beans again.

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I did go ahead and clean it. There was a lot of coffee caked on, so I'm glad I did it, and it wasn't that hard to get back together.