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The burrs are not showing any sign of wear and by the sound of it, the motor does not seem to struggle at all, quite the contrary! I only would expect the grinders motor to choke if I put rocks in there during cleaning but rice is a formality for the Compak E10! Will try to upload a video next time I clean it.
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weebit_nutty wrote:interesting.. I assume you haven't noticed any problems with worn burrs grinding rice.. The kernels are much harder than whole beans, and I think depending on the kind of rice, it might strain some motors, or jam them completely.
Dry parboiled rice (Minute Rice or other brand) has long been used as a grinder quick cleaning agent, long before Grindz was invented.
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#13: Post by nickw »

I clean my EK burrs about every 2 months (with a brush) and inspect them at the same time.

If I see lots of coffee sticking (oil has built up) I'll give them a wash with hot water and mild dish soap, followed by a good rinse and through drying.

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My retailer advised me to grind some rice every 3 months, only to reduce that interval if I use really oily beans (which I don't). I found that in order not to stall the grinder while grinding rice, not only do I have to set the grind way more coarse,but introduce the rice in small amounts rather than just dump 8 oz into the hopper and run it. Afterwards before putting new coffee beans in, I grind some old beans while I retighten the grind.
BTW The Compak manual advises against regularly removing the burrs for cleaning, instead it advises the use of Grindz or similar.

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Grindz works great and is relatively inexpensive. 16oz jar should last you a year or more.
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I do not clean the burrs BUT. I will stick a vacuum nozzle in the throat of the SJ after removing the bean hopper. This sucks out all of the stale grounds. when finished it is not all spit and polish but it is clean and no longer smells like old coffee.
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weebit_nutty wrote:Grindz works great and is relatively inexpensive. 16oz jar should last you a year or more.
Inexpensive is relative of course. 15.2oz Grindz ~$20, 72oz big box Minute Rice brand par cooked rice ~$6.

When Grindz was first released roughly a decade ago I was sent a bottle to test. I compared it head to head versus Minute Rice cleaning 2 Majors. IIRC posted results with pics here way back when. Bottom line worked virtually identically both doing a very good job removing old grinds, oils and smells with the caveat Minute Rice created less residual dust to clean out of doser.

I continue to use Minute Rice both at home and coffeehouses to clean grinders.

I don't find it necessary to move the grind setting coarse. If a timed grinder I do use continuous grinding so once I start feeding the Minute Rice it's all run through in one grind otherwise yes may stall trying to restart and require loosening grind setting. But I've never had a problem with it stalling at espresso grind setting from the git go. FWIW I fill throat with roughly 3 double shots worth of Minute Rice by volume, like 2 heaping demitasse cups worth.
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Kipp wrote:The designers responsible the Mythos One Clima Pro grinder recommend pulling the burrs out and washing them in soap and water once a week for a 1% increase in EY.

So I tried it on my Mythos Ones after the first week with it and WOW!

I do it every Saturday now!
What roast level of beans are you using?
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Anyone having dissembled a grinder should have realized by now, that grindz, rice or any other "natural cleaning agent" are mostly draining your bank account and having an impact in the part of the brain that makes you feel better. But it doesn't clean the grinder throughout as can be achieved by removing the upper burr carrier and cleaning the grinding burrs, carrier, chamber and chute by hand. Such natural cleaning agents leave allot left behind and some of the rice or grindz even stay behind for months if you do not remove it by hand!

This in my experiences dos not need to be done very often, unless you use dark roasted oily beans or suffer from OCD.

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Less than a couple of weeks ago I had started a thread about the abrupt start of bitter pulls on my La Marzocco Linea Mini. The culprit turned out to be my HG One grinder, and separating the burrs a bit (but not dismantling them) and sweeping them out with a brush restored really good shots. Yesterday, after about a week of decent shots, the flavor of them started to deteriorate again. I spent about 5 of 6 minutes once again brushing out the burrs, getting out a much larger amount of coffee bean debris than I would have expected (the next time around I will weigh this), and voilà, very fine shots this morning.

I mention this here as I am both quite surprised that the grinder would need cleaning after such a brief interval, and that such a minor cleaning would have such a large effect. There is no problem for me to incorporate such grinder cleaning in my weekly maintenance schedule, but I wonder if anyone else here has had something like my experience. If not, perhaps someone with an HG One will try such a cleaning and report on any difference is taste following this. This grinder is so precise that find my old set-point is very easy -- I just use a marker to show where my set-point had been.