How good is 1Zpresso alignment?

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#1: Post by randyh »

I haven't seen a topic specifically about alignment in 1zpresso grinders, forgive me if there is one and point me to it.
I'm on the verge of buying a Kmax, and just had this specific question on alignment, how good is it?

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#2: Post by NicaDon »

My J-Max arrived today and now seasoning with a pound of old coffee saved for the occasion. Out of the box locking point is -4 from zero. At zero there is the tiniest bit of noise, more a squeak, equally all the way around. It's perfect, like the Lido E-T when I bought it 8 years ago. I'm not sure it needs alignment if they all arrive this way. Starting at pourover range less than 30 seconds for 20g.
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#3: Post by Pressino »

I believe that the alignment in most conical burr grinders (especially hand grinders) is not really user adjustable and pretty much established by the structure of the parts that hold the inner and outer burrs in position (i.e. the housing itself, the axle shaft, and its bearings) as well as the geometry of the manufactured burrs. Misalignment problems are due to out-of-spec issues in the manufacture of these components. Larger conical burr grinders may allow for some mechanical alignment adjustments, but I'm not sure.

Flat burr grinders, on the other hand, are built in a way that does allow for some user adjustments to correct for minor misalignment, though serious mechanical causes, such as bent motor shafts or deformed bearing sleeves are more difficult to fix.


#4: Post by BodieZoffa » replying to Pressino »

The Helor 106 is one that is designed to allow some tweaking on alignment. I did mine once even though it was just fine in factory form, but guess it's reassuring to check periodically.


#5: Post by Jonk »

It should be possible to tweak the alignment on a K-Max and many other conical grinders, it's just not very easy and perhaps not worth the effort.

My K-Max has ground about 2lbs and exhibits the first tiny squeak a whopping 6 clicks away from total burr lock when spinning the handle. It does turn and sound okay (fairly even) 1 click from complete burr lock though, so I'm not sure what that says about the alignment. Perhaps not quite as good as the Kinu M47 Classic that I used to own, but still good enough.

If the OP is worried about espresso range, the clicks are fine in my experience. I've been adjusting 2 clicks a time because 1 doesn't change the grind enough.


#6: Post by iyayy »

never had issues. shaft slides in only at perfect straight angle with zero wobble through the bearings. consistent minor burr rub at 1 clicks, zero from 2nd and above. u can calibrate the 0 point by tightening the top adjuster. theres 2 bearings and also top adjuster screw points holding the shaft, so the shaft needs to be centered to pass all 3 points. i've done lots of cleaning and unscrewing outer burrs. never had issue. 1z kpro.
1z manual does advises against unscrewing the burrset from the shaft mentioning its calibrated.


#7: Post by jfjj »

On the time more there was a bit of a hack to lodge the fixed burr to add consistency and avoid a wobble. That helped a lot on my nano. One my k-max I don't see how I could. The tolerance is pretty tight though which I would expect for the price I paid lol
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