How do you like your Baratza 270w upgrade?

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#1: Post by karamba »

I bought mine shortly after they came out, The plastic gears wore out but it was easy to replace. Baratza sent me one for free but even if you buy it it is relatively cheap.

My take on it: It gives very fluffy grinds, creates a lot of mess, extremely accurate ( +- 0.1g), pretty fast, loud, no coffee retention and hard to properly dial in.

The most important thing is the quality of the drink it produces and this is what I need help with. I have had only this grinder so I have nothing to compare to. So if you used this grinder with some higher end gear what was your conclusion? Did you feel difference in taste?

I got bitten by an upgrade bug and am trying to find an excuse to support the economy by buying either Ceado e37s or Eureka Atom 75 (still debating over two).


#2: Post by boren »

I have the very similar 270Wi and I find the quality of coffee in the cup to be a clear upgrade from the Compak K-3 I owned before. You could say the advantage came from switching from flat to conical burrs, but I previously owned a conical Iberital Challenge grinder and didn't prefer it over the Compak.

Also, I think the Sette is very easy to dial in. It's very consistent between shots, and the macro/micro rings are a brilliant solution for fine tuning the grind. Too bad the micro labels are hard to read.

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#3: Post by Jeff »

Personal crystal ball - Wait a couple years for the major manufacturers to catch up with burr technology, alignment, retention, and single dosing with more than just facelifts and marketing.


#4: Post by Smo »

The Sette 270Wi is great!
Let's say I need 4 servings of espresso, I weigh 75 grams of beans and load them into the hopper. With a single dose grinder, I would have to use the scale 4 times.


#5: Post by kpucci »

I just did the upgrade a few weeks ago and it was a game changer for me.

Well for the upgrade money. The assembly is way higher quality too (steel vs. plastic).

karamba (original poster)

#6: Post by karamba (original poster) replying to kpucci »

To what ?


#7: Post by kpucci »

Sorry I read this wrong. I was assuming it was upgrading a Sette 30 to a Settte 270 via the adjustment ring.

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#8: Post by yakster »

What upgrade is this?

LMWDP # 272


#9: Post by boren »

From the stepped macro-only single-ring of the Sette 30 to the Stepped macro + Stepless micro dual-ring of the 270 and 270Wi. ... t-assembly


#10: Post by ramassen »

I have the 270wi and love it. The portafilter on my MicroCimbali is one of the smaller ones and can be messy to fill with a 13 gram dose. But Baratza and the sent me a free larger fork to hold it. When I want a 13 gram dose to avoid spilling out I just set one button at 6.4 and another for 6.6. Fill it half way remove and shake to level and put back. Hit button 2 and get a 13 gram dose total in the portafilter ready to level and tamp. Quick and easy way to avoid a mess of it over flowing the small basket. So much cleaner than grinding and then filling on a scale manually.

Enjoy the quality of the grind for my machine.

I figure when I get me new Argos with it's large portafilter it will but just set the weight and fill once.