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Postby dale_cooper » Mar 21, 2019, 9:03 am

andreugv1 wrote:That would depend on the preinfusion time. I do long preinfusions (all the way up to 30-40 seconds). In the end all comes down to having all the numbers to better assist the OP in troubleshooting the shots.

Ok - so again, why would you say 27 seconds is quite short - that's a very typical shot time. Preinfusion, especially like you're doing it, is not a requirement to properly pull a shot. Your statement makes it sound as if the OP was doing something radically wrong, when in reality that time is good.


Postby Exb2019 » Mar 21, 2019, 11:41 am

I am just an amateur on this dosing process. Everyone has their own technique and I praise everyone's journey to the perfect coffee and consistency.

I have two reasons why I dose.

1. Keep consistency on grind - zero retention.

2. Change of coffee beans which would entail clearing a small amount on this type of dosing process. If I go the route of changing beans on a bean hopper, I feel like I lose more beans in the process and unstable retention. Also beans have a better chance of going stale, especially when I change beans or leave them i the hopper.

Regarding Brew Ratio ... which is what I am understanding here. I use 1:2 ration on 18g for espresso. Its an easier equation for a novice like me. Therefore, I try to get the extraction as close to 36 grams liquid from a 25 to 30 second time.

Now when do I time the extraction???? The moment of the PID or the moment of the liquid dripping in the cup? I am still experimenting this.

From doing just the drip to cup method, I have noticed bitterness in the crema but sipping deeper into the drink, smooth and flavorful. I have talked to some people and manufacturers about this too and they say the same thing I am sharing here. Gotta learn the taste of coffee intimately.

Grind dial is at 2.5 to 3 on the Ceado E37S.

This is my current workflow which may change from bean farm to bean form. But once again, it is a journey to perfect coffee. Happy Brewing everyone. ;-)


Postby Quester » Mar 22, 2019, 11:55 am

linuxAndJavaScript wrote:I find if I single dose it the grind is way to fine to the point where the espresso doesn't takes good at 27 sec shots/18 grams. ?

I suspect that sometimes when I used to grind too fine, instead of choking the machine, water eventually finds path(s) down and channels to some extent. This can be confusing because the shot time can be about where you wanted it, but the espresso doesn't taste good.

What's been helpful as I've dialed-in various coffees is to let go of the assumption of ~28s shots. I've had more success adjusting for the brew ratio of the bean first (shot weight), and then refining time. The times for an ideal shot can vary a lot.