Hiku: The Premium Hand Coffee Grinder (Kickstarter)

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#1: Post by doelauw »

Recently found this new hand grinder on Kickstarter. I've backed them up since I think it's a very interesting one! I'm not anywhere affiliated with this project, just a backer. I'm posting the grinder here to update you on yet another option to the overcrowded market. I own a Lido ET for quite some time, love it to the bone ... true Lido fan. I was in the market for a new grinder, I'm a manual coffee lover. Had my eye on the Kinu grinders, but was offset by the lack of their interest when I tried buying one. Then I found this gem. Interested to read you opinion.
Main features:
  • 55mm self-designed burrs (41mm inner)
  • 80-degree stepless setting (grind size of up to 2.0mm throughout a rotational range of about 80 degrees)
  • Interesting spring design for uniform compression of the burr
  • steel ball bearings
  • Designed to emulate the look and feel of a premium rangefinder camera's focus ring
I'm very interested in the new burr design and general stabilization of the burrs. All the features look promising, this one should be able to produce a great grind and a new speed. Not posting the kickstarter link, I'm not sure if that's allowed. Find it, let me know what you think!


#2: Post by max »

I'm excited about this one. My main concern is having such big burrs for light roasts...

But they seem dedicated to creating a good grinder, so I backed a few days ago.


#3: Post by renatoa »

If 41 is big... then what about 47 of Kinu... ?


#4: Post by thecoffeefield »

I backed as well few days ago. I like the fact that the burrs have more teeth than average so they claim that it is much faster to grind.


#5: Post by renatoa »

Faster but more effort. Was been seen/felt with Kinu ;)


#6: Post by doelauw »

renatoa wrote:If 41 is big... then what about 47 of Kinu... ?
That is 47mm outer burr, this is 55mm. Don't know any other hand grinder using this size, most jump to 68mm requiring more force or gearing. It also proofs their own burr set design instead of buying the one everyone is using. If that is a positive thing is jet to be proven :-).


#7: Post by renatoa »

Then what is 41 I read in the specs ? :?

Outer burr diameter for a conical has no meaning, you can have a 30 mm inner burr and a china wall thick outer burr.


#8: Post by CwD »

How is cramming all the grind settings in 80° a feature? Just gonna make it harder to make small adjustments than grinders that may require several full rotations.

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#9: Post by jbviau »

^^^ Agreed. On the KS page they talk about non-linear ramping re: the adjustment mechanism, but still.

Thanks, OP, for the heads up, though at first glance I'm not seeing anything here worth backing necessarily.

Concerning what else is supposed to make this thing unique, Knock grinders use a spring as well (though not a wave spring, if that actually matters).
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#10: Post by doelauw »

renatoa wrote:Then what is 41 I read in the specs ? :?

Outer burr diameter for a conical has no meaning, you can have a 30 mm inner burr and a china wall thick outer burr.
Your right, guess I was misled by their marketing :-). Below is the info they provided, guess we all recognize the other sets. Left is Helor, right looks like Lido?


I'm most worried about the 80-degree setting slider, questioning if like the post above it's providing enough "precise" control.