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#1: Post by zefkir »

Has anyone used the HG-1 Prime yet?

2.5:1 gear ratio for easier grinding.
Diminutive form factor (310mm | 12.5″ height). Easily fits underneath just about every kitchen cabinet.
Light weight of (5kg or 11lb). Lift the grinder with one hand.
Bundled with a choice of 3 distribution containers: Blind Tumbler, Espresso Shaker Funnel I or II for an added discount.
Better, shorter shaft design with improved tolerances and runout.
Extend lever arm for improved mechanical advantage.
New base centers the Tumbler or Shaker directly underneath the grinder.
Surface mountable for the easiest grind in town.
All stainless steel hardware.
It seems to tick a lot of boxes for a titan hand grinding, and from my perspective, the improvements upon the HG-1 are more numerous and relevant than those the HG-2 did upon the HG-1.

Especially, if you're grinding harder and denser beans, this seems to be better at providing easier grinding action. In a smaller package. With a shorter shaft.


#2: Post by versusqc »

FYI, the HG-1 prime is now in stock and shipping! I may have one on order!


#3: Post by chipman »

Price is still the same as the original HG1. I like the changes. My original first edition of the HG1 is still going strong. I just wish I could say the same for my aging bones. The newer easier grinding gear ratio could be a godsend for those who want a titan hand grinder.

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#4: Post by drH »

So why aren't these being scooped up like coffee flavored ice cream?
Is it just flying under the radar?


#5: Post by BruceWayne »

It was literally just released. He's been advertising it on his site as coming soon for a few weeks.


#6: Post by LewBK »

I wonder how stable it will be when grinding, especially light roasts, given how little it weighs. Will it shift, shake, or move on the countertop? A few videos of it in action would help.


#7: Post by BruceWayne »

I think you probably want to surface mount it for denser beans. I'm curious about the lack of the flywheel, and also whether he has been working with the Wug team in China for a motorization kit like the other HG grinders.

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#8: Post by drH »

Well, it has to be more convenient than my Helor 106, and the price isn't that different. I might pick one up.


#9: Post by BodieZoffa replying to drH »

Do explain as I find my 106 to be outstanding in grind/build quality as well as simple functionality...


#10: Post by Ad-85 »

drH wrote:Well, it has to be more convenient than my Helor 106, and the price isn't that different. I might pick one up.
Sure looks easier to grind with. I gave my helor to my sister along with the cordless screwdriver (probably out of alignment now :mrgreen: ). This looks good and hopefully someone will make a variable rpm dc motor for it soon.
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