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#91: Post by GregoryJ »

Did you find alignment was necessary right out of the box?

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#92: Post by EvanOz85 replying to GregoryJ »

Mine needed it, yes. Thankfully it's extremely simple to do with the included tools.


#93: Post by LindoPhotography »

Even if it was for sale I wouldn't bother, I still get popcorning using the Weber lid on the HG-2 or Key. I'm sure there are better 3rd party options out there, or find / cut your own plastic lid if you don't mind the looks.
chipman wrote:You could order the "popcorn lid" that is designed for the WW Key grinder from Weber.


#94: Post by LindoPhotography »

I'm curious whether or not the coated / pre-seasoned burrs on the HG-2 (and Weber Key) really affect grind quality or not. I've heard somewhere it gives more flavour clarity but also less body on the coated burrs. I was surprised the Key seemed more like a flat burr than conical to me when I first tried it.

Spec wise and company wise I'd say HG-1 Prime might be the better buy (with a lower price too), But I do enjoy the quality / results from my Weber Key and HG-2 (trying to sell one since they're a bit redundant having both :D)
I haven't tried the HG-1 Prime but curious to see if grind quality is that much different or the same if anyone wants to lend me one for testing :D

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#95: Post by GregoryJ »

I asked Craig about his lid recommendation as well, and he said he's still working on it but sent a DXF file that I could get laser cut. You can get different materials laser cut like plastic, wood, and metal (metal is much more expensive). Originally I thought a clear plastic would be good to see if any beans are hanging around, but wood would probably look the nicest.

I've been playing around with a couple of different 3D printed lids. I have a couple of observations after playing with some lids:
1. Even though the lid leaves only ~15% of the funnel uncovered, some bean shards still end up on my counter. So, I went for a 2-piece design that would cover 100% of the funnel.
2. I want to grab the lid with my right hand, so that I can pour the beans in with my left. So I moved the little grab tab a quarter way around the lid to make it easier to grab with my right hand.

The 2-piece lid doesn't seem the most elegant, but it works great for keeping beans in the grinder and off the countertop. I also worked on a sloped lid design that I pull out a little bit and use to help funnel beans into the grinder. But, this one would have to be 3D printed, so a nice laser-cut version with wood is not possible.


#96: Post by hooplehead »

I use a soda cup lid on top lol


#97: Post by rajbangsa »

mine use flexible plastics sheet cut out from something i cant remember :lol:
(it could look better tho)


#98: Post by _sawas_ »

I have the original HG1 and I was so annoyed with the popcorning that I made my own custom wooden lid. Not sure how I can post images here, video in the link. It's two parts which can magnetically couple

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#99: Post by GregoryJ replying to _sawas_ »

Very cool! Thanks for sharing

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#100: Post by GregoryJ »

I decided to try mounting the grinder to a large, heavy cutting board made of rubberwood. Overall, I think the experience is pretty good as long as I focus on having a smooth continuous grind, rather than cranking as fast as I can. You still want something sticky on the bottom of the board, like the silicone feet included in the HG-1 Prime mounting kit. I think the wood board looks nice with the setup, and gives you a nice area to prepare the espresso basket.